Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide Review

What I Can Tell You:
I love looking at tattoos, so when this book come up for review through Harper Collins, I was excited to get it. Right before I received it in the mail a girlfriend mentioned the book to me. She wanted to get it, she was putting it in her Christmas list. It seems that book lovers have taken to putting the written word on their bodies. Whether it is a word, a phrase, a paragraph or sometimes an entire page from a book, readers are memorializing their favorites permanently.

The book is full of color photos of some amazing work right down to the picture and font used. There is a great assortment and some very inspiring pieces. Literally Tattoos has totally made me rethink my personal tattoo thoughts. Since I was 18 I have wanted a tattoo and at 25 actually went to a tattoo artists with picture in hand. Fortunately the guys wife went into labor and the tat never happened. Loved it at the time, but now I feel it would have been a mistake.

I really enjoyed looking at the 100 full color photos and even thinking about the books which inspired some pieces. My to read list has just gotten larger. 


  1. Very cool book and Tumblr blog! Aren't you glad you didn't do it? I know I am glad I stopped myself a few times. My thinking is what will it look like at 65? If I think my tattoo will resemble an elephant trunk in a few years, maybe not the best idea... LOL
    The hubby can keep getting them. Me, I'll keep my ivory skin.

  2. After finishing this, I thought the same thing about my 'to read' pile! Ulysses must have been the most frequent one and I've never read it. I'm very psyched for my next one now :)


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