Thursday, October 07, 2010

I Hosted A Mix Pups Party

Thanks to Mom Select's MommyParties™ I was again able to host an awesome party. This time it was for the girls in my life and a new toy called Mix Pups.

Mix Pups™, a brand new line of poseable, collectible, pocket-sized puppies that girls can mix 'n' match to make their very own designer pups! The Mix Pups collection from Jazwares also features a variety of engaging accessories and play sets to let girls pamper and play in a whole new way. The more Mix Pups girls collect, the more they can create!

The new Mix Pups collection features sixteen individual collector puppies, including Roxy, my personal favorite because I love her super hip hair.

Usually we start the party by giving the kids their gift right away. This party because it was girls was for the most part very quiet and controlled and since it was right after our half day of school lunch had to be first.

While the girls were playing in the other room, I brought out the Mix Pups Pawty Van which comes with 15 accessories including a Pup named Susie who is only available with the van and won't be sold separately.
Some of the moms getting their first look at the pups and the van!

What We Can Tell You:

The kids and moms love the pups. We think they look like a cross between Littlest Pet Shop Pets and Bratz Dolls. Toys that all the girls at the party love.

We love that the pups can be mismatched to create your own perfect pup. The paws, tails, head and hair come off each one to be put on another.


The Pups are sold in single packs wearing two accessories and two more accessories in the pack for $5.99. The pups are also sold in double packs which include two pups wearing three accessories and the pack includes four more accessories for $9.99.

The moms had just handed out the Pups, notice the excitement on Jewel's face. BTW...Goddess was wielding child friendly scissors to assist in the opening of the boxes (which by the way they didn't need, the backs come right off. She is just overly helpful).

Here is one of the guests opening her double pack which included Amy and Sandy.


All of the girls want more of these adorable pups and had their favorites. 


I won't be surprised if some of the girls find these under the tree this Christmas. At such reasonable prices these make the perfect gifts.

There is even a Mix Pups Fancy Paws Day Spa which includes a Pup and 20 accessories.

Have older girls who might find these cute but are to old for the little figurines? Mix Pups also have Plush pets that sell for $7.99.
Head over to the Mix Pups website for video, games and information on each toy to make an educated decision on whether this is the right toy for your little one this holiday season.

To stay on top of more toys from Jazwares, head over to their Facebook page for updates.

Disclaimer: I was able to throw the Mix Pup Party courtesy of MomSelect and Jazwares who supplied the products and the ideas for one of the most fun, calmest party I have ever had.

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  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    My daughter loved and enjoyed the party. I can not wait for the next one!!


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