Thursday, October 14, 2010

WINTER BLOOM by Tara Heavey - Review

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Gallery; Original edition (October 12, 2010)
There would be tunnels of roses, beds of strawberries, fountains of overflowing herbs. And there might even be love. . . .
A haunting and evocative novel featuring a young widow who finds love and friendship when she organizes a community garden in the neglected backyard of a Dublin mansion.

Eva, a teacher and young mother, is struggling to raise her four-year-old son on her own after the sudden death of her husband and daughter. Mrs. Prendergast, the mysterious and lonely widow next door rumored to have killed her husband thirty years ago and buried him in the backyard, allows Eva to cultivate her unused garden. Uri, an older Jewish man and Holocaust survivor with a complicated past, keeps emotionally guarded from his grown son Seth. Seth himself is struggling with demons after the collapse of his marriage. And Emily is a courageous young woman with a seemingly quiet demeanor, but everyone knows that still waters run deep.

As each gardener carefully cultivates his or her corner of the land amidst the shared space, their secrets—large and small—are unearthed, and none of them will leave the garden as they entered it.

What I Can Tell You:
This was a fantastic book. Tara Heavey did an excellent job on character development and storyline. In this moving story of hardship, friendship, past mistakes, haunting childhoods and courage and determination.
The character of Eva was my favorite. She has suffered loss and through her determination and courage she undertakes a project that brings the most different people together. Creating a small community of misfits and personalities. From the first paragraph you are invested.  The cover does nothing for the book as is appears very light but with the loss of a child, the Holocaust, hidden pregnancy this book is far from light. It is more a winding path through life's hardships toward renewal and growth.
Fantastic book and I give it a 5.

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  1. Beautiful review, even if I'm not sure it's for me. Who am I kidding?! I'd read it!


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