Saturday, November 21, 2009

Computer Woes!

My laptop is 6 years old and has been working hard ever since I received it. Unfortunately, I believe things are coming to an end. This is being written up on my husband's computer.

Wahhhhh....this isn't efficient blogging at all and when it takes over 2 hours to write a 3 minute post you tend not to want to get on the computer.

Hopefully, Santa or some wonderful computer company will take pity on me and put my worries to rest with a shiny new laptop.

One can dream can't one?


  1. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I am hoping Santa comes through with a brand new Laptop.

    crossing my fingers.

  2. I hope a very kind and generous computer company reads your reviews and gives you one to review and keep for reviewing it. Plus it doesn't hurt to pray. So I'll pray you get one too.

  3. Oh, I hope Santa gets you a new laptop, too. You are the 5th blogger that I know that has had trouble just this week! I swear there is something in the air, or over the internet waves.
    Maybe you will be lucky enough to get a nice review, you certainly deserve it! I'll cross my fingers for ya... :-)


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