Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ABC Wednesday = R

ABC Wednesday = "R"

Ricky Raccoon is one of my son's favorite animals.



  1. Is that Rocky Raccoon's cousin?

  2. One of my sons' favourite stuffie was a raccoon, too! He called him Washbear!

  3. That rose is beautiful, and that picture of Handsome is wonderful. I love the raccoon, too. My son Nikolaus had a stuffed raccoon that was a gift from a sweet elderly woman, who was a patient of the Cancer surgeon I worked for when I was pregnant with Alexander. She gave me a small baby gift, plus this wonderful stuffed, soft, raccoon for Nik, so he wouldn't feel left out when the baby was born. It was his favorite toy, because she was the only one who had thought of him. She passed away 4 days before Alex was born.
    Thanks for helping me remember such a sweet memory.

  4. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Love the color on the rose.

    Your boy has such big brown eyes


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