Wednesday, November 04, 2009

ABC Wednesday - P

For ABC Wednesday this week, there were so many options.

P = Parade - My town holds a parade during school hours. The kids come to the soccer field. Parents meet up and watch the kids with the teacher and classmates march around. It was really cute. They didn't know what was going on. Handsome was Super Mario but refused to wear the white gloves, mustache and belly.

P = Pumpkin Picking - While we didn't go this year (even though I promised over and over again) because we were all sick for the past month I did manage to get a picture of the wagon that takes us to the patch.

IMG_5408, originally uploaded by on_angel_wings2001.

P= Parrot - I love this lawn decoration.

IMG_5393, originally uploaded by on_angel_wings2001.

P = Peacock - This is another lawn decoration. I love the vivid blue on this peacock

IMG_5394, originally uploaded by on_angel_wings2001.

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  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I really liked the peacock picture. I love these birds for their vibrant colors.

  2. cool P post. nice blog too!

  3. Cute little Halloweeners. I, too, like the peacock colors. Good P Post!

  4. What a lovely, bright set of pictures. The lawn decorations are so colourful.

    On behalf of the ABC Team, thank you for sharing.

  5. Aw .... Handsome looks lovely! And he still looks like Super Mario, even without the gloves, belly and moustache!

  6. A plethora of perfect Ps.

  7. Perfect photos for your post.
    Peacock is precious.
    Paraders please proud parents.
    Pumpkins primed for the picking.


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