Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Comment Moderation Is In Full Effect

Unfortunately, due to two extremely annoying and bored companies who practice bad business practices, I had to enable comment moderation. This simply means that I will have to approve all comments before they appear. Please know this has nothing to do with you my dear readers but has everthing to do with the following companies:

HEIRLOOM BEDS who are under the profile name Bedroom Furniture.

I seems ridiculous to me that companies are spending time marketing themselves by commenting on blogs with comments unrelated to their companies but also unrelated to the post. Terrible business sense if you ask me.

Since I can't block these idiots and have to spend time deleting their nonsense comments I am going to enable comments until further notice.

Please do not change whatever you do and I appreciate all my readers who comment except for anyone having to do with the above mentioned companies.

Has anuone else had problems with these companies specically or others?

For example: Here is what Heirloom Furniture in the UK had to say about my recent book review:

Anonymous bedroom furniture said...
He is using something personal for monetary profit which should be ur money. He's also doing some type of false character thing. i dunno the name of it. hey and if u throw in depression and some type of change of lifestyle over this than ur in it 4 the BIG ONE! Hope u get ur ex-friend for all he's worth.
12:39 AM
Anonymous bedroom furniture said...
Hi,buy a small basket and fill it with shower or bath things that have a relaxing smell to them. If she is a teacher, she will greatly appreciate a little relaxation.
3:08 AM
Anonymous bedroom furniture said...
I understand her decision and I wish I had been mature enough to recognise it for what is was and offer support and understanding so that she wasn't in the position that meant 5 years down the line I would be saying I either supported it or didn't support it. Ridiculous NO??????!!!!


  1. I am so not comprehending why these people are doing this. It's like they are missing something in their common sense.

  2. i get tons of spammy comments. However, I'm on wordpress so I just use a plugin that doesn't allow them to post. :)

  3. I feel your pain.

    Fortunately I use wp and I can blacklist IP addresses. Also, because of wp, I can send anything that has from 1+ live links into comment moderation.

    I think some of those comments are computer generated.

  4. That is so annoying! Sorry you've had to deal with this kind of thing, Maria. I get spammy stuff too occasionally, but not often. Hope you get it resolved.

  5. That is a pain. Is there any way that you can block spam comments? Hope it gets resolved soon for you.

  6. I am also sorry that you are getting spammy comments. I also use Wordpress and I am able to block most of them with plugins. Maybe you can consider switching over if it gets too bad.

  7. I had noticed them... sorry you've been getting those crappy comments.
    I tried to go on their sites to have them stop, but MY comments were blocked from their sites - can you believe it!!
    I don't mind the comment moderation, I'm just so sorry that it causes you more work!
    I've been getting some comments from drug companies trying to sell everything from Lipitor to Viagra and Cialis.
    I use email notification of comments instead of moderation, and go and delete them when I get them... Such a PITA... hope it stops soon.

  8. Anonymous11:37 AM

    That is awful that people spend time spamming you. So ridiculous that a company or comp bot is set up for such random nonsense.


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