Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where Does Attitude Come From???

I have so much to write about. My daughter, Goddess started school on Tuesday more on that later.

The reason for this post....

Today, Goddess had her second dance class. She did fab! I was so proud watching her and her class take direction. She was at one point told to go first, after they had just learned a new step and there she was doing it just like her teacher. Cute!

But at the end.....

The girls were told to get in a line like a train. They were going to do 2 circles around the room and then out the door to waiting moms.

A girl (the tallest who was closest to the door was told she was going to lead. Everyone got in line. My daughter walked to the back and then to the front. I heard her say, "I want to drive the train." The tallest girl notice that she was in front of her and said, "no I am first" as she got in front of my daughter.

The teacher notice my daughter didn't have her hands on the tallest girl's shoulder so she said, "honey put your hands on her shoulders." I watched my daughter cup her hands as if they were on her shoulder but not. I was thinking holy crap, she is refusing to touch her.

The teacher said, "you can't reach honey? just put your hands on her waist. Do you want to put them on her waist?" My daughter's response, "No!"

The teacher took her hand and the next girl's and they walked around the room with everyone "chugging" except for my daughter.

On the last lap the walked out the door (my daughter second). She had a puss on. I took her hand and asked if she had fun. I opened her door and as she climbed in she said, "Mommy, I was mad. I didn't want to touch that girl. I was first."

I told her that I knew she was mad but that her teacher, Miss J******* had told that girl that she was the driver. Then I told her that everyone has to take turns but her answer was, "I was mad Mommy. I didn't want to touch her."

Seriously! The curling of the hands and pretending to touch her shoulders cracks me up. But, where did this attitude come from? Anyone who knows me will attest that this is not from me.


  1. Oh, Honey,,just wait til they get older. Just hold on tight..and stand your ground.

  2. i have 6 & 4 year old girls and both have extremely far-out behaviors! i tell you, i'm left with only 2 options: getting a high blood pressure or getting crazy! hahahaha! i opted for the second. at least i'd die with a happy face!

    Dr. Michelle Borba, a parenting expert sez:
    "Attitudes are learned, and we're not talking personality temperament. We are talking about changing your child from being disrespectful to respectful, or from demanding to considerate. Also, from bad temper to more peaceful.

    First, it could be from a toxic world, copying from friends, and the media is pretty raunchy these days and they're watching it. Parental guilt; we hate to say no to our kids, especially after we've worked all day long. Or keeping up with the neighbor next door; we always want our kids to have what they have. Bottom line is that there's no one reason where they are coming from. But you can turn those bad attitudes around."

    ow, btw, thanks for dropping by my blog. and yep... it's Keanu, your husband. ;-)


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