Monday, September 22, 2008

Product Review - Kids Fun Cards

Kids Fun Cards are like sending a hug in your kids lunchbox.

Kids Fun Cards, are adorable, funny, kid friendly post cards. You can put them in your kids lunchbox, on their pillow, in the backpack, inside there text book, in an overnight bag or anywhere else they need a special little something from home to make them smile.

My kids, loved the pictures on the Mystical Little People set and laughed as I read them what each card said. I put them on their car seats every morning so they had something to open on the way to Pre-K. They love getting mail.

Since my kids are under the age of 6, I enlisted the help of some friends.

The first has used them with her youngest daughter who is 9 years old (Kitten). Kitten thought they were funny and everyone at her lunch table (especially the boys), thought so too. Kitten's mom says Kitten is keeping all the cards that she gets. My girlfriend has always been a note writter with her family and this is a different way for her to slip a note into her daughter's lunch.

My second girlfriend used them with her 10 year old son. He loved them and his classmates thought they were "cool"!

The cards come in packs of 5, enough for every day of the week. This is a great idea for kids who think finding a love note from mom on a napkin is hokey.

If you have been looking for something cute and different Kids Fun Cards are for you. Give your kids something to look forward. Your kids will thank you.

BTW...see Kids Fun Cards for some really inventive lunch ideas such as:

One Color Lunch- Make everything in your child's lunchbox orange or red or green! Nothing says 'green' quite like a green-tortilla turkey wrap with a green apple, green pear or green grapes. Try cucumber, snap peas and even edamame. Add green M&M’s and a green napkin and the theme is complete. (gummy worms make for a great Shrek Lunch too!)
Pirate Lunch- Pirate napkin, chicken leg, carrot “swords”, Pirate's
Booty. Complete the theme with an eye patch & gold chocolate coins. For a healthy alternative, dried cherries, pineapple or other dried fruit on a cocktail sword or inside a small treasure chest make great jeweled treats.

Halloween- Add a freaky trinket to their lunchbox. What could be more fun than a shrunken head, light up pumpkin necklace, glow stick, rubber snake or gummy eyeballs? Perhaps a ghost pencil and eraser? Try an all orange lunch. Pumpkin seeds are amazingly nutritional and a great alternative to candy treats. Pumpkin muffins and caramel popcorn are generally low in calories. And don’t forget your halloween napkin!

And tons more....

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