Friday, September 26, 2008

Amateur Movie Review - Then She Found Me

I was privileged enough to review a DVD through from Family Review Network. I love watching movies because honestly it is a rare occurrence in my life these days.

I heard Bette Midler was in the movie and signed on very quickly. If Bette is there, so am I.

Then I heard this was the directorial debut of Helen Hunt. Interesting! Who didn't love her in Mad About You?

Ok, the movie, yeah I am a chronic digressor.

The movie is about April (Helen Hunt), a NY kindergarten teacher who is approaching 40. With her biological clock ticking she learns she is pregnant by her juvenielle soon to be ex-husband (Matthew Broderick) after she falls in love with Mr. Right (Colin Firth).

The "Then She Found Me" part pertains to April's bioloical mom (Bette Midler) who finds her after April's adoptive mom (the only mom she ever knew) dies.

The movie a total chick flick touches on (biological clocks, adoption, artificial insemination, and the rights of birth mothers. There are great performances by the all star cast, but it was very soap operaish to me.

The movie is a supposed comedy but I didn't see it as one. I thought the story was good, very realistic, great cast, strong performances, and a good overall message. After saying that, this is not a movie that will stick with me long after the next movie comes along.

Chotskies gives this a 3 out of 5 star rating.


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