Thursday, September 11, 2008

Product Review - Maiden Amerca Can You Ever Have Too Many Hair Clips?

I'm going to start this post with a question and the obvious answer:

Can You Ever Have Too Many Hair Clips? Not, if they are Maiden America's

I was honored to received a package of the most beautiful hair clips this mom has ever seen.

(Here is my daughter opening up her amazing package of barrettes)

The company Maiden America (Even the name makes me want to buy), specializes in non-slip barrettes, for pin straight hair. The clips are all beautiful and my daughter was ecstatic when I told her to chose some clips.

My daughter has medium hair, however, it is pin straight and because she is active most clips hold but in an hour of her bopping around have worked through the hair to the bottom and finally lost.
(Our Collection so far the ribbon was from Maiden America also)

Since using Maiden America's clips; we have not lost a single clip in 7 days. These clips don't budge and also my daughter can't take them out. This is a God send for this mom whose little one is always removing her clips and running around like a crazy girl. A friend of mine came over and my daughter showed her the clips. She is always talking about the things that she can make. She took the clip and right after she said, "I can make this" upon sight. She followed up with "these are really good clips! I have to get some for my dog." Yes, these clips would work great for your pretty dogs too!

Not only are all of the clips beautiful they are also gentle on the hair. The piece that makes them non-slip keeps the hair away from the metal of the clip.

I wish I could wear them!!

(The first day she got them she just had to wear all of them-we love the ladybug ones).

The brain child behind this amazing invention is a mom, homeschooler, blogger, and all around wonderful person.

Maiden America also sells adorable handbags, head bands, clutch bags.

(She wore them on her very first day of pre-school too)


  1. Wow they sound like good clips. Clips don't stay in my daughters hair either. She has curly hair but for some reason clips won't stay in. Maybe I'll check these out. Thanks for the info. Also your daughter looks really cute, especially going to preschool.

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