Monday, September 08, 2008

3rd Year of Preschool May Just Be The Charm

Car ride to school. Not his normal smile.

Waiting to go inside, notice the nervous finger and the "I Rule" shirt

On pickup, holding his balloon and standing with Sheress' youngest who came with us to celebrate the first day.

I have written in great detail, my desire to give my son 1 more year before sending him off to Kindergarten here, and here.

Today was his first day of preschool in a totally new school with new teachers and new classmates. We talked about it all weekend and this morning when we got ready he asked if I would come with him. I kept telling him that I was dropping him off but would not be staying. I made a big deal about him being first (his sister starts tomorrow).

When the doors of the school opened and the teacher announced to all waiting parents and kids, my stomach dropped a little.

We walked in amid total chaos, (bigger class than they have had and tons of people in a little hallway). He wanted to play, he pointed to the play stations and nodded his head. I told him that he had to find his name and put it on the board. He found his name, and put it on the board. There was no one telling any of the kids what to do so when he asked to go play I told him to go ahead. It's the first day so I am sure it was crazy because of that but I must admit I was nervous leaving him in all that noise.

His sister and I walked over where he was playing at a table and I told him I was leaving. I kissed him good-bye. He said, "you have to stay." I told him that I had to go and left. I snuck a peek into the window and he was playing on the floor with something.

My friend Sheress and I took our littlest ones to the diner for breakfast, got my son a star balloon and drove back to the school. The kids were all outside so we sat in the car to watch them play. I must admit, as much as I wanted to watch, I was afraid he would see me. He was playing the other kids, he helped a little girl who was trying to ride a car down a ramp and he just looked happy.

When I headed in to get him, he and other children were sitting nicely on a bench waiting. He saw me and came over with a "hi" and "can I have a balloon?" I gave him his balloon and waited for the teacher so I could ask how he did.

I heard only the things a mom would want to hear. "He was wonderful. He is so polite, a very good sharer, very social, has wonderful manner, you should be very proud. He is great!

Tomorrow his sister goes with him, it should be interesting to hear how they do together.


  1. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I'm sure they'll do well together.... Good luck with the contest at my blog!

  2. Chef, Thanks for stopping in and for the well wishes.

  3. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I completely agree...your little guy is ALL of those things.

    Aaaaannnd...he really DOES 'rule'! :)

    I'm so glad he had a great first day!

  4. Bek, Awwww thanks. Coming from Godmother, I am not sure if that is a little bias but he CAN be all of those things on most days. On out!


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