Sunday, April 27, 2008

The To Do List Update

To Do List -

Make appointment for kids at Peds (3 & 5 year check up)
Get out invites for Son's 5th Birthday
Pick up all party stuff
Go through Spring, Summer clothes to see what fits, what can be given away, what is going on EBay.
Wash all clothes that will be worn by my kids that have been in storage.
Think about birthday gifts for Son and best friend.
Plan a trip with my sister for June to our Childhood town with our kids in tow - Hotel found and ready, need date and rental car.
Finish spring cleaning
Look into a bed for my daughter. (We promised her crib to best friend's brother and the girl will need something to sleep on).
Go through toys, book and games to see what is staying what is going - Almost done.
Think about communion gift for my nephew.
Mother's day is around the corner - Think about Grandma and Mother-in-law gifts.
Get beach stuff out of storage and ready to rock n roll.
Order contacts for myself.
Order wood for next winter - Waiting for ok from hubby
Clean out bedroom of all bags and stuff going to said best friend's brother - Trip planned for next week
Organize storage unit for fall and winter stuff
Clean all computers of old unused stuff - Currently being worked on.
Order pictures because I will be a year behind this coming August.
Get more photo albums
Pick up water shoes and swim suits for both kids - Waiting for Kohls card from hubby.
Find a home for a car seat and stroller that are no longer needed - Email was sent to Mom and Tot group in my neighborhood.
Clean out car of all fall & winter stuff.
Why do I like working from lists? Seeing all the things I have to do in one list makes me ill.

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