Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things You Love About Your Life

10 on Tuesday

1- My Kids - I was blessed with two beautiful children who challenge me everyday. The sun rises and falls on my babies and I never loved so fully in my entire life.

2- My husband who is one of the hardest working people I know. He lacks a bit in the sensitivity department but he tries. I respect him and love him even though he doesn't read my blog.

3- My friends who without I would be bored to tears. I am thankful to have so many actual friends in my life. We are lucky if we have one true blue friend yet I am blessed with many.

4- My life. I am thankful for everyday above ground. I tend to see the little things in life and not dwell on things that I can't control. Everyday that I live past the age of 34 (my mom's age when she died) is a blessed day.

5- My laptop (a gift from my husband). Being able to take it to the deck while the kids play or sitting on the couch at the end of the day makes the laptop worth it's weight in gold.

6- I love my digital cameras, one for pics and one for video (also both gifts from my husband). My love for photography started when I was about 6 or 7, when just taking random pictures of my life made me so happy. Now that I am older and have kids of my own, I get so much joy from just being able to capture a moment in time. My kids are my favorite muses but I love taking pictures of everything. As I walk or drive along I am constantly seeing places that I want to capture on film once the kids are both in school and I can park and walk alone to spend time getting "the shot".

7- The fact that my kids are getting to grow up out of the city. I grew up in Millbrook, NY and it was a great childhood. Picking wild blackberries, riding horses, spending time at diary farms, games of manhunt collecting frogs and fireflies at night, riding bikes from sun up to sun down and just enjoying the fresh air. When my mom passed away we moved in with my grandparents in Brooklyn. While it was still fun but in a different way. Roof top tanning, sitting on stoops, getting ice cream from the ice cream man with the jingling truck coming up the block and riding the subway everywhere I would have gone back to Millbrook in a heartbeat.

8- Finally mapping out some time to start reading again. I have loved getting lost in books since, well, since I could read. There is nothing like cracking open a new book and absorbing the words filling the pages. It is a feeling I have had since I can remember. There will never be enough days in my life to read all the books I want to read.

9- Waking up to a pot of coffee already made is heaven with a dash of milk. Love opening my eyes to the smell of coffee brewing.

10- My home. The fact that I actually have a house is still 9 years later amazing to me. My parents never owned a home. I still thought that we would not be getting the house until we actually recieved the key after spending an hour signing papers. It was too much to dream about and being a realist I wouldn't allow myself to think about it until we actually got the key to turn in the door.


  1. Kids make the world a better place.

    Great list...Happy Tuesday!

  2. Sweet list....loved that you listed your lap top, and camera (I wouldn't have thought about them.)

  3. Oh YEA! It's not on MY list but your #9 certainly ranks UP there! Nice job!


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