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Thursday Thirteen - #5 - 13 Favorite Movies

13 movies I could watch over and over (in random order). This lists to me shows what a pathetic romantic I am well, minus Saving Private Ryan.

Saving Private Ryan - Just a good movie all around. I love the acting, the visuals, the storyline, the message of honor and duty. Tom Hanks best movie.

The Notebook - What can I say. This is such a beautiful story about beautiful people in a beautiful landscape. This is a timeless love story.

One Fine Day - What more do you need besides George Clooney? George is just plain hot!

Interview with a Vampire - Long haired Brad, Tom and Antonio wearing gothic clothing and biting women is enough for me.

Titanic - Leo, Kate, a ship and icy water. The making of an incredible movie. Beautiful set, believable acting and a historical tragic story. The sinking scenes are horrific and still make me stop breathing. As annoying as it is that Kate took up that damn floating door with no room for Leo, I still believe this movie is one of the best love stories out ever.

Young Frankenstein - me some Mel Brooks. This 1974 movie is one of my favorites because my family can get together this many years later and still laugh about lines in the movie. Mel is a comedy genius and this movie will always be on my top movie list.

Great quotes
Igor: You know, I'll never forget my old dad. When these things would happen to him... the things he'd say to me.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: What did he say?
Igor: "What the hell are you doing in the bathroom day and night? Why don't you get out of there and give someone else a chance?"

Frankenstein, Igor and Inga in front of HUGE castle doors]
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: What knockers.
Inga: Oh, thank you doctor.

Froederick and Igor are exhuming a dead criminal]
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: What a filthy job.
Igor: Could be worse.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: How?
Igor: Could be raining.
[it starts to pour]

Inga: Werewolf!
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Werewolf?
Igor: There.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: What?
Igor: There, wolf. There, castle.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Why are you talking that way.
Igor: I thought you wanted to.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: No, I don't want to.
Igor: Suit yourself. I'm easy.

I could go on and on. Fantastically funny.

Meet the Parents - My husband and I still laugh over this movie. Ben Stiller and his easy humor is brilliant. He and DeNiro together had great slapstick comedy timing. Really funny movie.

Greg Focker: You can milk just about anything with nipples.
Jack Byrnes: I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?

Jack Byrnes: If I set you up, do you think you can spike it, Focker?
Greg Focker: Well, I would have to get pretty high.
Jack Byrnes: I bet you would, Panama Red.

Greg Focker: Hey Jack, why don't you tell 'em about your little phone call in Thai.
Dina Byrnes: Jack can't talk Thai.
Greg Focker: Oh no, Dina, Jack can talk Thai. Jack talked Thai real well.

Meet Me In St. Louis - I adore Judy Garland and fine this to be one of the best musicals. The music and the story is timeless and I wish they were still making movies like this.

My Fair Lady - My all time favorite musical. I love all the songs and who doesn't adore Audrey and Rex? The original Pretty Women with classic songs. A beautiful love story.
My favorite song from the movie.

The Sound Of Music - This was a movie that I watched every year when I was growing up and this year I watched it with my 2 year old daughter. I was so happy that she wanted to watch it. I love the songs, Julie Andrews and I totally wanted to be a Von Trapp kid when I was growing up.
Dirty Dancing - Is there really anyone who doesn't love this movie? We all wanted to be Baby and dance and more with Johnny. I want to spend my summer at a camp with someone who looked like him. Talk about a good summer! Come on, the line..."nobody puts Baby in the corner?" and all that dancing is just good for the heart.

From Dusk Till Dawn - Again Clooney is in it with a nice neck tat. Love it! Vampires and Clooney holding a gun, makes this girl happy. Oh and my girl crush Salma Hayak is in this also in one of the hottest girl scenes ever.

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  1. Great list!! I loved One Fine Day, thought I was the only one..Now, the Notebook is my favorite movie and hint hint, I always give away copies at Christmas time but I am sure you have a copy..Loved your list

  2. Anonymous1:45 AM

    I really like My Fair Lady. Hoe beautiful Audrey Hepburn was.

    I have Young Frankenstein in my TT this week.

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  4. You know, I never was a huge fan of Titanic. But I love most of the others...great list!

    Thanks for visiting my T13!

  5. Anonymous3:54 PM

    The Notebook is my FAVORITE movie of all time!

  6. I love the Notebook- one of my favorite all time movies.
    Our Happy Happenings


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