Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

The meme for this week was, thirteen places you have visited that you would recommend. I am not sure that I could possibly come up with 13 places. How sad is that!!?

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So I will write 13 things about about myself starting with the letter M since that is the first letter of my name. I have seen people do this on their blogs and it looks so damn complicated. Here's to hoping I get through it.

M - Mommy, Yup you can call me that because honestly it is who I am. Everything about me and how I feel about my life and were I am right now is all summed up in that little word. I lost my own Mommy when I was 12 and being called Mommy is exactly what I have been wanting to hear since then.

M- Mom, what my little ones call me even though I insist on Mommy. I refer to myself as Mommy so I am not sure why they feel the need to shorten it.

M-Myself, I only know how to be me which is why I never progressed further in my career. I don't know how to BS anyone. I suck at telling people what they want to hear, I pretty much just say it like it is but in a non-threatening, polite way. There isn't a malicious bone in my body.

M-Multitasker, Is there any mom who cannot do at least 5 things at once while remembering the 30 things she will have to do in the next day or 2?

M- Married, I got married when I was 31. I knew I would be with this guy forever but I didn't picture married. He didn't seem like he was in any rush to get there and rightly so since he was 5 years younger than me.

M-Moment. Living in the moment is extremely important to our well-being. This is exactly why I have been able to keep my stress level down over the past 8 years or so. Something I learned from my husband is to not waste time worrying about things you have no control over. It is a waste of energy and time. Living in the moment has allowed me to be thankful for everything but most importantly it has enabled me to really know, understand and deal with my kids.

M-Moon, does everyone have this feeling about the moon? I adore spending time looking at it. Just gazing at the moon, noticing it every single night brings me such calm. I show it to my children and now they pull me over to the window to see it.

M-Moving. As most moms can attest, we are constantly moving. Even when we finally sit for that one moment a day, someone, or something gets us up. I think my butt finds a seat for about 5 minutes maybe 10 times a day. Sit at the computer for 20 minutes to type a blog entry, read email, surf or look something up and I will be pulled away at least 10 times to break up a fight, get a toy, set up a game, retrieve something that can't be reached, clean someone who has come out of the bathroom, get a drink for someone, a snack, etc.

M-Misread. Why is it that there are people who can say anything and everyone takes it with a grain of salt and accepts them for who they are. I am constantly misread with some people in my life. The littlest things are misinterepreted and some people get hurt unintendedly. I am thankful that there are few who fall into this category but since these are people I would never want to hurt it bothers me.

M-Memories. When it comes down to it this is all we've got. Our memories about past experiences, people who have gone on before us, etc. I need to sit down and really write out some of them from my childhood. It is a great resource for our children to be able to know people who should be in their lives but are not.

M-Mushy and I am not talking about body type. I am a total mush when it comes to things that pull at my heart strings and there are many. I am a total mush when it comes to noticing things especially about my kids. I must say "awwwww, you are so cute" about 25 times a day. Seeing my husband with my kids or my kids with my friends or each other makes me cock my head to the side and reveal in the moment.

M-Meme lover. God damn I love memes. Being able to sit down with a specific writing project makes me so happy.

M-Motherly even to my friends. I love cooking and serving my friends when they come over. I love buying things for people that I know they will love. I love hugging, talking, and taking care of everyone and everything.


  1. Great list! Happy T13!

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Wonderful list!

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Laura and Mommyba,

    Thanks so much ladies for stopping.


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