Friday, April 25, 2008

Moody Monday #10

This weeks Moody Mondays is all about..."Would You Rather?"

The original idea for this weeks Moody Mondays comes from "Would You Rather". Please Visit the web site

Here are a few questions for you to answer:

01. Would you rather sleep in late or get up early each day? Well considering I get up EARLY every single day for the past I don't know 30 years...I guess I would rather....get up early. Ha, you thought I would pick sleep in huh? Nope, I know how much can be done in a day by waking early and love being able to enjoy the evening without feeling guilty about everything I should have gotten to.

02. Would you rather work from home or work outside the home? I would rather work from home and DO!!! Whether it is getting the kids ready to leave, holding Mommy School, doing a job for my husband's company, catching up on domestic duties, snagging a freelance job or playing accountant for our household, etc....I work my ass off (unfortunately, not literally).

03. Would you rather know it all or have it all? I would rather well...I don't know. Having it all would mean that I know it all and vice versa. So whatever.

04. Would you rather lose the Internet or lose your television? I would rather lose my television. I can see anything I want on the internet even if it is not currently being aired on the TV.

05. Would you rather exercise at home or exercise in a gym? I think going to a gym would give me more motivation and if I was paying for it I just might do it. Oh, who knows....being at the gym means time away from my home we can exercise together.

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