Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Reasons Why Art and Music Is Good For Body and Mind

Photo by Te NGuyen on Unsplash

In school, art and music were those lessons that most people took for granted. Unless you were passionate about these subjects, they were often used as a time to mess around and chat with friends. However, fast-forward a few years, and lots of people are going back to these very subjects to help improve their skills and boost confidence levels. 

So why are art and music crucial for development, and how can we utilize this as an adult? 

Take a look below:

Improves social skills – Both subjects are seen as social and interactional activities. The way you connect with each medium allows you to open up to others around you. Learning and socializing with others that are passionate about these subjects also brings a new circle of friends. Whatever age you take them up, it gives you a chance to express yourself in a unique way. 

Learning to take risks – Many elements of both art and music come down to your interpretation of the subject. The saying ‘artistic license’ rings true in this instance, and learning to take risks with your ideas helps to build confidence and learn from failures. 

Exploring new things – Many people believe that anyone can enjoy art and music in any capacity. Skill is subjective, and taking the time to learn something new is deemed a success. Discovering new talents is a rewarding experience and builds upon your confidence and inner strength. Each subject is open to a range of experiences too, so you don’t have to limit yourself to one instrument or art style. If you play the clarinet, you could move onto other woodwind instruments to expand your range. In contrast, if you love watercolor painting, why not try life drawing. There’s so much diversity in each to explore. 

Improves understanding and critical thinking – Some people think that art and music are simple to learn. However, even if you have natural talent, there are lots of other elements that make up each medium. By learning these skills, you are expanding your knowledge base and using critical thinking to compose your pieces. There are different forms of each, and appreciating them helps to analyze preferred styles. This skill also helps in everyday life. Broadening knowledge and improving critical thinking can be applied to many different scenarios and will build upon your life skills. 

Improves memory – Music, in particular, helps to improve your memory skills. Going over the same compositions and learning musical scores will help you retain information more thoroughly. The process of memorizing is a skill in itself, and some people take to it quicker than others. However quick you learn, this is something that can be transferred into daily life and can improve aspects of your career, primarily if you work with numbers or data. 

Music and art are a life skill that is often underappreciated, so whether you are passionate about it or want to go back and learn something new, it can boost many aspects of your lifestyle in the long term.

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