Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Disney + Winner - Diary Of A Future President Review

This President’s Day Weekend, families can catch up on the latest Disney+ original scripted series “Diary of a Future President.”

From executive producers Ilana Peña and Gina Rodriguez, this feel-good series follows Elena, a Cuban-American, 12-year-old girl as she navigates the ups and downs of middle school and begins her journey to become the future president of the United States.

The 411: 

Unlike the rest of the world I do not have Disney + but was bestowed a screener copy of episodes of Diary of A Future President. At only 10 minutes in I was thoroughly into this show. 

Our main character is Elena. We first meet her in the white house as the president speaking to I don't know, maybe her secretary.  She receives a package from her mama containing her 12 year old diary with a note asking her not to forget how she got here. 

Suddenly we are in 12 year old Elena's room as she gets ready for school with an occasional voice over as she writes in her Hello World or should I say Dear Diary. The show moves between 12 year old Elena and adult Elena.  

I love the show.  Navigating life at 12 is hard especially when mom is dating for the first time, your best friend since Kindergarten has replaced you with a new friend and your brother locks his door and puts up a sign that says keep out.  Change is hard! 

Things to like about the show:
Elena and her mom have an amazing relationship.  
Elena is smart and it is okay to be smart!  She is a great role model.

Breakout performers are of course Tess Romero as Elena Cañero-Reed, Carmina Garay as Sasha,  Jessica Marie Garcia as Camila and Charlie Bushnell as Bobby who reminds me of a young J Gorden-Levitt

The 10-episode series was created and written by Ilana Peña, who is said to have based much of it on her own childhood. The series is available exclusively on Disney+ and requires a monthly subscription. New episodes will become available on the service every Friday. 

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