Sunday, February 02, 2020

My Life In Pics December 15 - December 23

December 15 - This is a great book! A Long Walk Down A Winding Road by Sam Farmer

December 16 - My daughter's art pencils! Her art is amazing to me!

December 17 - Set up a Christmas stocking for a photo shoot on Ooly products. OMG they are so cute.

December 18 - Came out of work at 2:00 PM to see these lovely Nature's Crystals hanging off my car. Aren't they beautiful?

December 19 - My favorite photos of my daughter are always where she is laughing

December 20 - Ignore the dirty truck just look at that beauty I created!

December 21 - I now miss my house looking like this! Wish I could have kept the decorations up.

December 22 - My niece and father-in-law were fighting over hot sauce the last time I was over so I decided they each needed their very own for Christmas. I made some quick holiday tags with their names on them and glued a wreath on them. They loved it! My father-in-law laughed so hard.

December 23 - I love this digital character my daughter created on her iPad. She is cute!

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