Tuesday, February 18, 2020

My Life In Pics Jan 8 - Jan 17, 2020

January 8 - The only pics I took were of my students and I cannot share them without permission. They are adorable and I wish I can show you.

January 9 - A sketch found in my daughter's notebook. They are so cute!

January 10 -  My Dollar Tree as I prepare for my classroom Valentine activities. I love all this pink and red.

January 11 - These two cats are not friends. My Luna usually is hissing at Jinxy but on this warm day with the door open they are willing to sit next to each other. Miracles do happen!

January 12 - My CVS Clearance Haul. $11.44 for all of this!

January 13 - The only pic on this date is a Snapchat filter of me and Goddess!

January 14 - Picked this up at CVS on clearance for $2.99. I really wish I had purchased all of them! So cute and I could have resold or donated. My daughter loves it!

January 15 - Took Jinxy to the vet for a check up! He is doing well but he does not like the vet. If he could have crawled into Goddess' jacket, he would have.

January 16 - Some of my pink, piggy plates done by my 2 year old students! Aren't they the cutest?!

January 17 -  The Letter of the Week was P! We painted a P with a Pom Pom. My toddler students love any and all art projects!

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