Wednesday, February 19, 2020

My Life In Pictures Jan 18 - Jan 31

January 18 - Luna's face! No other words necessary!

January 19 - The only pic of the day is one I took of my 2nd sketch! I am no artist but have always wanted to be. I challenged myself to 2-3 sketches a week so I can progress and hopefully become a decent sketch artist. You can challenge yourself anytime. You are never too old to learn something new.

January 20 - One shot of the day is a prototype for my classes Valentine craft. I just used scraps of paper.  I will use their foot for the body of the Love Bug along with their adorable face. Hopefully their parents will love it.

Update: It ended up being so cute! I wish I could show you how cute they are. I made them into magnets and are way cuter than this.

January 21 - A photo of something I am using with my class to call them over to the carpet every morning. They love it and ask for it the moment I call them to the carpet and sit down.

January 22 -  A baby gift I made for a co-worker. We get a lot of toy hand-me-downs at work. This cute little washer and dryer was exactly what I needed. My co-worker was pregnant and I really wanted to give her something special so when I saw this toy and found out no one was grabbing it for the classroom I took it home. After taking off the doors,  I tried spray painting it but that wasn't working so my husband picked up some acrylic which paint. It took 4 coats of paint but eventually was all white and ready for gifting. I added a basket, some books, diapers, wipes and put a basket of baby items on top to present it to her. My plan was to make it a changing station for all her diaper changing products but she has made it into a book shelf for the baby. I am so happy she loves it! It was fun to work on and knowing she loves it because I painted it means a lot to me.

January 23 - My daughter's digital artwork for a school history project is the bomb! Look at that door and doorknobs. I love it! She always draws characters but I was really impressed with that door!

January 24 - NADA

January 25 - NADA

January 26 - Working with my beautiful niece we surprised my father-in-law out for breakfast. I loved seeing his face when he realized we were there. 

January 27 - She has seen some things. She hides to spare herself but every morning wakes optimistic that it is going to be a good day. Sometimes it is! Sketch 6. I don't hate her. She is okay for my 6th sketch right?!

January 28 - Nada

January 29 - This is what my chiropractor uses on my back. I seriously need one!  The next time my husband asks me what I want! I am sending this link.

January 30 - Valentine's Day Cards from my class that we were sending to the vets.

January 31 - My preschool celebrates Chinese New Year. These puppets were a favorite craft we created during our week of Chinese Culture.

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