Friday, November 02, 2018

GIVEAWAY - Naked Collagen For More Than Great Skin #nkdnutritioninc #giveaway

People often tell me that I don't look my age. At 52 I am shocked when people tell me I look 36-40 years old. I tell people it is because I am short that they think I am young. Well that and the fact that I am about as mature as a 15 year old boy. When they ask what I do for my skin I always say the same thing. My grandma introduced me to Oil of Olay when I was 13. As well as I drink a ton of  water, never smoked, not much of a drinker and I try to eat a balance of food as well as I don't worship the sun!

Over the past 5 years I started taking collagen tablets with my vitamins. I use to take them when I was a teen because I heard they were good for my nails and hair. When I received Naked Collagen from Naked Nutrition and it was a powder I was so excited. One less pill was perfect for me. 

Collagen is good for everything. Skin, joints, hair, cartilage, and bones. I love Naked Collagen because I can add it to my coffee or tea and I taste nothing! AND one LESS PILL everyday.  #nakednutrition #feelinggood #health

Naked Nutrition wants you to know that they don't hide anything. There are no added colors, or sweeteners and they use the purest ingredients. I honestly love the scaled down labeling on their products. Very retro.

To Purchase visit them at Naked Nutrition and stay up to day on Facebook and Twitter. If you are not sure if collagen is right for you or if you were afraid in the past to try it due to allergies, see why this is not the case with this collagen!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.


  1. I take vitamin C and Collagen pills every day. I would love to have one less pill to take.

  2. I really only take Vitamin D3, Calcium and folic acid. I would love something that would really help my skin. Thank you so much for sharing this

  3. I take calcium, vit. b and vit c

  4. I take a multi, vitamins E and B, an iron supplement, fish oil, and seabuckthorn oil! i also take collagen and gelatin four days a week.

  5. Gina Gonzales5:29 PM

    I've heard a lot about the benefits of collagen.

  6. I take B and D vitamin supplements daily. I also take pre and probiotics.


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