Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Must Have: Robin Williams DVD Collection From Time Celebrating A True Comic Genius - A Review

The 411:

I reviewed these two DVDs and loved every single minute. Robin Williams was truly a one of a kind comic who hopefully realized just how special we all found him. From the moment I watched the first DVD to the last moments of the last, I smiled, laughed, even teared up at the loss of one of my favorite comics.

Robin is all Robin on these 0-60 in a second. One moment telling a joke, the next climbing up to the second level of an arena "Is this booth okay Mr. Lincoln?" He was funny, witty, vulgar, inappropriate, adorable and we loved him for it. 

In these DVD's you get some of his stand up routines, interviews, concerts, behind the scenes and more. One of my favorite moments was seeing Robin and John Ritter improvise during his first HBO special. Definitely a crowd pleasure.

The set also comes with a color booklet featuring quotes and photos of Robin including his tour notes, USO Tour photos and candid shots.

He is a comedian who paved the way for so many others. He could do it all and if you were a kid growing up in the late 70s and didn't have a crush on this hairy armed, colorful suspender wearing, adorable blue eye'd boy with the longish hair you weren't my friend. I adored him.

I love that this DVD is available to celebrate the life of Robin Williams and remind us why we were all so devastated at his tragic end.

This is a must have and three friends have asked to borrow it from me when they saw me posting it on my private social media accounts. We all loved him and I am left with his quote from 1978 "It has been a privilege kind of pollinating here in your garden. Come back, I'll be here."

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