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Razor Scooters For An Active New Year

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People have known Razor for 18 years as the creator of the Best Scooter out there….and Razor has way more than just scooters…electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, electric skateboards and so much more! 

And with the Holidays around the corner, why not give the gift of family time and a little (ok…a lot!) of outdoor fun! Razor has gifts for the whole family, from your toddler to mom and dad! 

Check out some of the great new electric scooters, skateboard and cool rides from Razor!

The NEW E PRIME, is aLux electric scooter designed for older kids and adults for easy, short commutes, as well as some great outdoor fun with the family…because let’s face it…mom & dad want to have fun, too!

Designed to impress at school, the office or around the neighborhood, the Razor® E Prime™ combines sleek style with electric efficiency to bring a new level of sophistication to every ride.

Featuring a high-torque, electric hub motor, our patent-pending, anti-rattle, folding technology and taller, easy-adjust handlebars, the E Prime will have you cruising or commuting, where permitted, in style at speeds up to 15 mph!

E Prime Electric Razor Scooter
Ages 14 and up

  • Electronic brake, in addition to back wheel brake
  • Max rider weight 176 lbs (80 kg) for maximum performance
  • Speeds up to 15 MPH
  • Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • In-wheel motor
  • Compact, foldable
  • About 24-25 lbs
  • Larger wheels for smoother ride
  • Better scooter for older kid/adult and great for commuting

Razor Power A2
Ages 8 and up

Packed with innovation from its lithium-ion battery and push-button throttle control to its kick-to-start in-hub electric motor, the Power A2 is ushering in a new age of performance in an ultra-modern, compact and easily foldable update of our classic A scooter.

Past meets future with the light-weight and streamlined Power A2, packing an electrifying, lithium-ion powered punch with bold style and a quiet, rattle-free ride at speeds up to 10 mph!

  • Power Core™ Technology
  • Speed: Up to 10 mph (16 km/h)
  • Run Time: Up to 45 minutes of continuous use
  • Motor: Kick start, high-torque, hub motor
  • Throttle: Push button
  • Brake: Integrated, rear fender
  • Battery: 22V lithium-ion pack, rechargeable (UL2271)
  • Foldable for easy transportation
  • Max Rider Weight: 143 lb (65 kg)

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard
Ages 9 and up

The Razor X Cruiser is a skateboard with an electrifying kick, putting the control of a 125-watt, geared motor together with a lithium-ion battery to deliver electrifying skate action at speeds up to 10 mph.

Everyone needs a power-assist at times, but if you think an electric skateboard is for  – look what our pro-skateboarder engineers came up with.  With carve and turn action, The RazorX Cruiser is a high-performance, high-quality skateboard, powered by an electric rear-wheel motor and controlled by a hand-held remote.

With our soft-start kick activated technology, the motor ramps up slowly, reaching top speeds of 10mph, and slows to a stop with the pull of your thumb.  Even when you’ve run out of battery juice, this board shifts into manual and performs like a normal skateboard without interrupting your fun flow.

Hit your perfect cruising velocity with the variable-speed control on this versatile cruiser, then lean into the lithium-ion-powered, carve-and-turn skateboard action.  29.7” (754 mm) deck length and high-quality, 5-ply maple deck deliver a lightweight, responsive ride, perfect for cruising.

RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard
Ages 9 and up

You’ve had a serious love affair with the longboards for a long time.  We get it.  So this gripped and ready to rip version of the RazorX Cruiser is meant for riders of the laidback kind.  With the same hand-held, soft-start remote and rear-wheel motor, you’ve got control in your hand and power at your feet, when that urge to carve comes over you.  So easy-going or hard-charging – you’re in complete control of your roll.

The 37.5 (952.5 mm) long, 5-ply bamboo deck and custom, reverse kingpin trucks deliver a smooth, responsive ride, while perforated grip tape and ground-gripping urethane wheels keep you firmly in control of your board. Our new geared, rear-wheel-drive motor technology is virtually maintenance free, meaning it eliminates alignment issues, chain or belt.

The RazorX Longboard is electrifying the longboard scene, amping up the carve-and-cruise action with an innovative, 125-watt, geared, rear-wheel-drive motor made to go the distance. This complete longboard uses a lithium-ion battery to deliver extra zip for your longboarding fun.

Razor Turbo JettsTM
Ages 9 and up

Hit new heights of fun with the all-new Razor Turbo JettsTM electric motorized heel wheels! Simply start rolling and these electric-powered heel wheels amp up the action with an 80-watt, geared-drive motor to provide a one-of-a-kind boost to any pair of sneakers. Remoteless, the Turbo Jetts use an integrated, pressure-sensitive, power control system to help you ride comfortably at speeds up to 10mph for up to 30 minutes of continuous use. Simply step into the heavy-duty polymer “quick-click” frame and tighten the hook-and-loop strap for a secure fit for sneakers U.S. size youth 12 to adult 12

Razor Lil’ E Electric Scooter
Ages 3 and up


It’s a revolution in fun for the little ones– an electric scooter built specifically for youngsters still mastering their balance and coordination.

The Lil’ E provides the extra stability of three wheels and a simplified push-to-go, soft start throttle that keeps them in control as they explore the thrills of electric-powered fun.

  • Speed up to 2 MPH
  • Max weight: 44 LBS
  • Battery Life: Up to 60 minute continuous use

Need a little non-electric, foot-powered options? We’ve got you covered!

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