Thursday, November 08, 2018

Preschool Sensory Blocks For Perfect For Developmental Growth

As a preschool teacher I am always looking for things for the classroom that are great for individual play as well as group play. Anything that gets their hands moving, their creativity brewing and their brains churning is always a plus. I also love when the toy can go be used in our infant class as well as our toddler class. These Sensory Puzzle Blocks from Edushape are perfect. 

Edushape was built on the strategy of seeing the world through the eyes of children and continues to create products that nurture imagination and spark creativity in the very young.  Throughout the years, Edushape toys have incorporated high educational values while supporting a child’s healthy social, emotional and physical development. 

I love the texture and bright colors as well as the way they fit into each other and so did my class. We used them in the 2-3 year old room, the 1 1/2 -2 year old room and the infant 9-12 month room. All the kids loved them. They enjoyed touching them and I was surprised how the older toddlers took them to build as well as try to join them together and separate them into different colors.  I love that they are soft but not so soft that everyone was tempted to put them into their mouth. 

These are great for visual stimulation as well as fine motor skills and reasoning skills. 

The price is perfect. I brought one for myself to take with me when I babysit. It is definitely a plus for preschool, OT and Speech Therapists as well as home. As a parent I would have loved the colors as well as how the blocks are not hard plastic. 

Check out the rest of the sensory toys over at where you can find all sorts of unplugged fun for babies and toddlers. Keep them unplugged for as long as possible There is plenty of time for TV, computers and smartphones!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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