Sunday, November 18, 2018

See Our Unboxing Of Megalopolis Toys

Megalopolis is an online adult collectible specialty retailer, focused on delivering an exciting online shopping experience, infused with things collectors do and love.  

Megalopolis is the premier destination for collectors of all properties through an amazing and diversified selection of both domestic and import toys, a loyalty program that offers collectors free product and tremendous value, and a focus on integrating seamlessly with the collector lifestyle.

In addition to some of the most popular collectibles from around the world, Megalopolis has developed its own proprietary character called The Toy Overlord who serves as the mascot for the site. He appears on the company logo and imagery has a clearly defined personality developed by the Megalopolis team. The Toy Overlord will be available in several proprietary products, he oversees the Mega Rewards Loyalty Program and writes the company newsletter.

Megalopolis is setting itself apart from other online retailers by offering white glove shipping using custom branded packaging for collectibles, which any collector will appreciate! When the collectibles appear on the doorstep, they come packaged in custom made branded boxes, packed with care with purple bubble wrap, branded tissue paper, packing peanuts, etc.  Each box also contains special bonuses such as a Toy Overlord Squishy or Toy Overlord Mini-figure, and Megalopolis stickers.  This custom packaging is designed with collectors in mind and is at no additional cost to the customer. This unique shipping model creates an exciting curating and unboxing experience for shoppers.  Megalopolis’ product portfolio includes a mix of their own proprietary collectibles, as well as figures and generally first to market collectibles and niche action figure brands from top manufacturers, import, specialty, art toys, and other rare goods that aren’t widely available.

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The 411:

OK guys my daughter and I are true fans of horror and collectibles. We were beyond excited to review some of the collectibles from Megalopolis. FIRST, let me start with the box. The Megalopolis box is eye catching. I saw it the moment I drove into the drive and had zero idea what was in it at the time but I couldnt' wait to open it.  We sat with the box all of about 20 minutes while Goddess finished homework. The moment she ended her homework, we tossed everything off the table and opened the box not knowing what was inside.  You can hear us in the video when we saw the first item. Eleven from Stranger Things is definitely a favorite character and we love everything about the collectible. It is so detailed and looks like a mini Eleven with the socks, pink dress, dirty sneakers, blonde wig, Eggo, mini hands (her hands come off), blood on her face, and huge 80's phone. She is bendable and comes with a stand so you can stand her on a shelf. Goddess claimed her for her bookshelf. I don't blame her, I love her too! We decided we need more of the characters to join her on the shelf.  They have Dustin, Lucas, Demogorgon and Hopper. Love them! They sell for $17.99 and are so worth it.

The Freddy Krueger Madballs Foam Horrorball by Kidrobot sells for $9.99 and is so fun. It combines Madballs with some of our favorite villains. Freddy happens to be my favorite.  There is so much detail on the ball. Freddy's hat, teeth, shirt, gloved hand with the knives and drippy, melted skin have been considered in the creation of this ball. There are 5 other horror villains available if you are into this and I wish I had them all. 

Last but not least is Jason from Friday the 13th The Final Chapter collectible figurine. It is so cool, I can't bring myself to take him out of his box. I love the box too. It is a covered box with Jason inside a cardboard box with a plastic covered front so you can see him and all his attachments.  Two, masks, Saw, Ax, Corkscrew, Clever, Machete, even a tombstone with Pamela's name on it.  Jason comes with a mask that allows you to re-create his fatal wound by sliding the machete into the side of his head.  This is a must have for a true collector of this movie franchise.  

Besides the collect toys and a kick ass box there was purple bubble wrap, tissue paper an Overlord and some stickers for your laptop or iPad. They really put a lot of thought into their packaging and it did not go under appreciated. 

Definitely ordering more from Megalopolis as Christmas gifts this year. Look for them and other items on my Holiday Gift Guide. 

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary box for use on this post and my unboxing video. No monetary compensation was offered and all opinions are my own.

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