Thursday, November 09, 2017

The Greatest Brick Builds: Amazing Creations in LEGO

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LEGO bricks have been used for decades by children and adults to create dazzling and playful buildings, vehicles, and unique works of art. In The Greatest Brick Builds: Amazing Creations in LEGO (11/1/2017; ISBN: 978-1684121663; Hardcover $19.99; 112 pages), these jaw-dropping creations are presented in full color, with close-up photos, scale representations, historical commentary on the structures, and details on how each model was constructed using LEGO bricks. Included in this collection are the Golden Gate, the USS Missouri, and the Great Sphinx of Giza, as well as other iconic structures created by LEGO crafters from around the world.

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This book is so cool!
I have never really been able to create anything with Legos that wasn't from following a Lego kit and even then I am always screw up.  These people have created art with Lego! They are truly amazing and stem from all walks of life.  

There are full color photos of very detailed "jaw-dropping" creations that will have you going, "with Legos? They made it with Legos?" 

These folks are true artists and any Lego lover will really appreciate this book or perhaps it will bring them to the next level of Lego creation.

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