Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Have You Tried Dry Shampoo Yet?

As the days get longer and the winter chill sets in, getting out of bed in the morning somehow starts to become an impossible task. If you’re like me, sleeping in becomes a priority and getting ready for work or any other commitment is a race against the clock which usually results in not having enough time to wash your hair. Luckily, dry shampoos are not only a saving grace when you’re in this conundrum, but they are also effective as they absorb excess oils from the scalp and leave your hair looking fresh without the use of water.

If you are on the market for a new dry shampoo this season, look no further as the Macadamia Professional Style Extend Dry Shampoo is perfect for all hair textures as it is formulated with a healthy blend of oils and extracts to lock in moisture and absorb product build up and debris. If you color your hair, the ColorProof DrySpell Color Protect Dry Shampoo is a must as it not only refreshes your scalp with a micro fine powder made of cornstarch, rice, and clay, but this product provides a layer of color and heat protection ensuring your hair looks bright, healthy, and fabulous. 


Macadamia Professional Style Extend Dry Shampoo, $19.95 at Ulta.com

Extend the life of your hairstyle with a translucent dry shampoo designed to absorb oil and product build-up. Hair is left feeling clean, revived and full of body.
Absorbs excess oil, product build-up and odor
Instantly refreshes hair, leaving it looking and feeling clean and fresh
Blends with all hair colors, leaving no powdery residue
Finish - natural

Key ingredients include:
Macadamia Oil — Omega 7, 5 and 3 fatty acids provide weightless moisture
Argan Oil — Omega 9 fatty acid repairs and strengthens
Rice and Potato Starches — absorb excess oils and purify hair
Volcanic Ash — absorbs and traps oils, debris and odors
Passion Flower Extract — provides antioxidant protection and moisture balance
Aloe Vera Leaf Extract — hydrates, smoothes and nourishes hair

ColorProof DrySpell Color Protect Dry Shampoo, $28.00 at ColorProof.com 

Cast a DrySpell for instantly clean, refreshed hair. Invisible microfine powder of cornstarch, rice and clay absorbs excess oils for weightless texture and body when you need it most. Extends your blow dry by 1 – 2 days. Advanced ColorLast SystemTM provides unsurpassed color and heat protection. Refresh, volumize and maximize your blow out without ever leaving a messy residue. It's your secret weapon for recharged gorgeous hair.
Leaves hair and scalp feeling clean and refreshed
Extends the life of your blow dry by 1 – 2 days
Ultra fine mist instantly provides body, lift and texture
Invisible, mess-free mist for light, even application
Helps eliminate odors and refreshes style
Provides an essential layer of color and heat protection
Saves time by eliminating the need for daily shampooing
The 411:

I have always wanted to try dry shampoo. Over the past three years I have heard much about it. It is great for those times that you straighten your hair but don't want to re-straighten every day. Beside the damage it can do to your hair, it takes a lot of time. So...dry shampoo.

If you color year hair you know that you need to use special products. I will be using this one. I color every 5 weeks.

While I have not used the dry shampoo on my newly straightened hair. I don't straighten as much in the winter. I have used it on my daughter many times this month.  They probably have not encountered this in one of their reviews yet but here it goes...my daughter made it through many years of school without lice. We got the notice from the school many times of the years that it was in the school but thankfully it never hit our house. This time we weren't so lucky. 

It took us 2 weeks to be rid of it and every day there was a lot of combing and Tea Tree oiling. A week in her hair was showing signs of too much oil. It was horrible. Her hair was limp, lifeless and while it was lice free, the oily hair she woke with in the morning after our Tea Tree and combing sessions was pathetic. That is until I decided one day I would use the  Macadamia Professional Style Extend Dry Shampoo.  It was amazing. I sprayed. It had a nice, clean smell and as I brushed her hair I noticed that the oil hair was not only oil free but her hair looked amazing.  It didn't leave any residue and her hair looked freshly washed. PS...she is lice free for 10 days. 

I will be using these shampoos often and plan on gifting some to my nieces this holiday season. They straighten daily and it can be frustrating when you need to get to class or work. 

Look for this and other fine products on my Holiday Gift Guide.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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