Friday, November 10, 2017

My New Fur Baby And How We Decided To Adopt

The kids and I have been volunteering at a local animal shelter since August. We love animals, pet sit for about 12-15 families over the past 6-7 years and only have a guinea pig. I wrote about why I think volunteering is important two months ago.

I had a cat for 16 years, she passed before my son was born 14 years ago and I had a dog for 12 years before my daughter was born so it is not that I am opposed to animals in the house, I just knew I wouldn't be the pet owner I should be while my kids were young.  They are now 12 and 14 and I think kids should have pets. A dog is probably a little further away but for now a cat is great. My husband wasn't ready for a while. He kept saying "No" but then last year his no changed to a "where would we put the litter box?" I thought to myself, that is not a NO!

Fast forward to us volunteering. We all have fallen in love with the cats there but how many cats can I adopt? I knew eventually there would be that one. We just needed the right cat. The end of October my daughter was holding a 7 month old cat named Chipotle after our volunteer work was done. The cat sat on her lap for over an hour. My daughter was thrilled.  I came in and she said, "Mom this cat has a mark like me and like Handsome on her face."

I looked at the cat and thought OMG...maybe this is the cat.

We left and when we came back a day later she sat with the kitten again. I placed her in my son's arms to make sure he liked her and the cat liked him. All was well. It was then I decided, YES! This is the cat!

I really wanted to surprise the kids as we have been waiting so I wanted to wait for when they weren't with me.  I asked another volunteer to put a note on the cats paper that I wanted her.

Two days later I wrote to the people in charge of the shelter and we started the paperwork however I was told they couldn't hold her and if someone wanted to adopt she would be adopted. I had just been let out of work early and thought, wait...let me not lose this cat. Every thing was lining up. The volunteer told me they would meet me and I would take her right away.

They gave me some things to get started and a cage to get her home. She was great in the cage, perfect on the ride home and when we got home she sat and purred in my lap. It was suggested that I put her in one room and let her get used to everyone then slowly give her more freedom. I had never done it this way but went along setting the 2nd bathroom up for her.

This was when I finally phoned Teach to tell him "Happy Anniversary (20 years) we have a cat!" I also called the school and asked them to have my kids ready early and why. They were so excited for us.

When I picked them up I placed Chipotle in the back of my truck so they wouldn't see her when they first got in. They were in the office when I got there and my son started complaining that I took him out before gym.  I told him that I had to take him to his dentist appointment early and made sure not to meet eyes with the office staff.

I got them out to the truck and got in. They got in and I jumped out heading to the trunk. That was when Goddess turned around to say "Happy Anniver-WHAT!?"

Laughing I walked to her side, handed Handsome a pooper scooper and her the cage. Handsome asks, "You got us a cage?" Goddess shows him the cat in the cage the whole time saying "Oh my God, Oh my God Oh my God".  The ride home was wonderful with them saying "Thank you and Oh my God!" They were so happy that they took pictures of each other.
 Please meet Luna! She is so sweet, still acclimating and I love hearing her little bell jingle telling me she is close by.

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