Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dreamworks Spirit On Netflix and Spirit Riding Toys For This Holiday Season

I received this box last week and totally fan girled for about an hour.  My daughter just stared at me as I danced around the living room after opening the box. I was way more excited than she was. I am a huge fan of horses and my daughter and I watched Spirit on Netflix Season 1. We cannot wait to catch up. Where have we been? We missed Season 2 and now Season 3 is on. We will binge watch over Thanksgiving while the boys watch Football.   Spirit is a male horse (I will get it one day.  He is so pretty that I keep thinking he is a she. Lucky is a 12 year old girl.   If you love shows about friendship, trust and if you love horses you will love Spirit.

These photos are where I told her she could look but not touch until the weekend. Homework takes a ton of her time during the week. She was not thrilled.

We made an amazing unboxing video and then showed how Spirit really eats the carrots. Seriously, Spirits swallows the carrot down into his throat as you push it in. He makes crunchy noises then you open up a little compartment under his chest where you will find the eaten carrots and you can do it all over again.

I am so sad that it is gone. My phone crashed over the past two days and I cannot recover the video or get it from Dropbox or Google Drive. It is making me crazy. We will redo a video and throw it up soon so you guys can see it.

The set is perfect for fans of Spirit or fans of dolls and horses. We loved everything about this play set and think others will feel this way too. 





Spirit Riding Free – Spirit & Lucky Deluxe Feeding Set

The Spirit & Lucky Friendship Set, inspired by DreamWorks Animation Television's new series, Spirit Riding Free, is the ultimate horse and doll play experience! This dynamic set comes with a 11.5" Lucky doll featuring poseable arms and legs and a 14" Spirit horse featuring life-like movement and realistic horse sounds!  Lucky can feed Spirit carrots and Spirit will eat them. Just press the button on the back of Spirit to activate realistic mouth and jaw movement. Spirit can dip his head down when it's time to eat or drink just like a real horse! Lucky comes dressed in her signature outfit and special boots from the show. Lucky features poseable arms and legs that allow her to be moved into fun action poses! Lucky can also ride Spirit.  Ages 3+.

  • Press the button on Spirit's back to activate life-like mouth movement and horse sounds.
  • Spirit can eat the carrots.
  • Spirit features realistic horse sounds.
  • Lucky is posable and can ride Spirit.
  • Lucky comes dressed in removable signature outfit and her special boots.
  • Ages 3+.
What's Included
  • Spirit horse that really eats.
  • 11.5" Lucky Doll .
  • Accessories: bucket and four play carrots, one blanket and one Chapter book.

To Purchase:

Breyer Spirit Riding Free - Spirit Traditional Horse Model 

Spirit is the mustang star of DreamWorks’ Spirit Riding Free! Spirit is 1:9 in scale approximately 8.25” tall, and is shown standing proud and free. Breyer’s Traditional series portrait models are known for their beauty and true-to-life details, as well as their quality, durable construction. Breyer models are highly collectable, and perfect for hours of play! Each model is hand painted, so no two are exactly alike!


 To Get:

Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free Breyer Spirit and Friends Paint Kit

We cannot wait to paint these horses . They are adorable! The kit includes Spirit, Boomerang, and Chica Linda.

To Get:


More Spirit Products:


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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