Thursday, December 04, 2014

December Is Busy, Don't Forget Those Who Have Birthdays This Month

Every year, millions of birthdays are forgotten during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Between playing travel agent and playing Santa Claus, overtaxed parents don’t have the time or resources to throw another party.

Nobody wins: kids get gypped and parents feel guilty. is righting this wrong with the Holiday Birthday Rescue contest. Any parent with a child born in December can go to the BirthdayExpress Facebook page and nominate them to win The Ultimate Birthday Party Package.

In the meantime, here are some tips when faced with December birthdays  
Every parent facing a Holiday Birthday challenge can follow these tips to make the occasion special:

  1. Embrace natural holiday themes with games like ‘Pin the Star on the Tree’ or an ice-skating party.
  2. No "Merry Birthdaymas" gifts. Give separate gifts in birthday—not holiday—wrapping paper.
  3. Don’t skip birthday traditions; sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with a cake and candles, even on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
  4. Plan the party early because of travel, and keep in mind that some friends and family might not be able to make it.
  5. Let kids choose their favorite meal or restaurant for their birthday dinner if at all possible.
  6. Don’t forget about school celebrations, such as treats in class. Get on the schedule before or after the holiday break.

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