Tuesday, December 16, 2014

SAVE & Make Holiday Shopping Stress-Free

We could all use a little help during the gift giving process! I know I need help with three people on my list.

‘Tis the season of giving, and we know that the health nuts and beauty aficionados in your life aren’t the only ones who will appreciate a Spa & Wellness Gift Card. These other people (who you might not have thought of at first) will love it just as much:

Party host/hostess: Who needs another bottle of wine? After all the stress of hosting a fabulous soiree, a day at the spa sounds like a far superior and healthier way to take the edge off – it’s the perfect way to say “thank you!”

Athlete or fitness fanatic: Male or female, the spa isn’t a place most people would associate with tough athletic types. Skip the generic gym totes and help relieve your sports star’s tension and soreness with deep-tissue massages, foot reflexology and other restorative treatments. He/she will be thanking you for their invigorated bodies during those intense work-outs!

Boss or co-worker: There’s a good chance you’re not on B.F.F status with your boss or co-workers but feel obligated to get them a gift…..or maybe it’s the name you pulled in this year’s Secret Santa. Either way, it can be challenging to gift them something thoughtful without getting too personal. With the Spa & Wellness eGift Card, they’ll have the freedom to choose from thousands of locations and services, all while knowing that you have their well-being in mind.

Person who has it all: There’s always that pesky person on your list who just has everything, severely limiting your gift giving options. No matter what treatment they choose with his/her Spa & Wellness eGift Card, this gift will outlast any other present they receive. Whether it’s reaping the health benefits of massage therapy, receiving an education in skincare with a clinical facial or finding inner peace with a yoga session, your caring gift won’t go unnoticed by even the toughest crowd(s) on your list.

Person you forgot to get a gift for: Oh no – it’s Christmas Eve and you completely forgot your nephew’s girlfriend was celebrating with you this year. There isn’t a store open in sight and you’re strapped for time. Spa & Wellness Gift Cards to the rescue! Personalize an eGift Card on www.spaweek.com/MEDIA  (Promo Code MEDIA14) to be printed instantly, or even send via e-mail to your Great Aunt across the country who may have slipped your mind!

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