Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Stocking Gift Idea - Wuzzits The Monster Matchy Matchy Game

Blue Orange Games, the makers of Spot it!, have created another fun game for kids and families! Enter the wacky world of WuzzIts! A monster match up game for players ages 6 and up. The monster characters in WuzzIts come from different families, each with a set of silly features. However, the monsters are mischievous and like to combine with each other to create a confusing cast of characters. The right moves will help you be the first to complete 3 correct monsters and win the game!

The 411 by Maria and Goddess 

We love games. Goddess and I spend a lot of our unplugged time playing games. It is something we really enjoy doing and she is open to almost anything which makes it really fun for me. Keeping kids unplugged and involved is important to me and I love games that encourage that. Spending a lot of time with kids I see way too many kids spending time in virtual game worlds with "pretend" friends and I don't want to foster that.

However, I do want to foster the love of spending time with your family or people you care about laughing over a board game and this one is perfect.

Goddess loves spending time looking at the colorful, fun cards

There are so many ways to play and we think kids as young as five can play this game and we love that it has a handy day way to pack it all away and basically take it anywhere. We also think they should consider a preschool game similar with larger cards that would make it easier for them to pick up.

Basically we loved it and you can see more in the video below.

Our Video Review:

Here is the Blue Orange Video that explains everything we left out. Not sure how we forgot about some of these because we LOVE them especially The Winker and The Stinker.

Where To Purchase: 
You can buy this and many more Blue Orange games at their online shop or on Amazon

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary product for our honest review. No monetary compensation was offered.

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  1. (Stocking Gift Idea - Wuzzits The Monster Matchy Matchy Game) I have always liked playing these type of match games. I plan on playing them with my grandson someday also-


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