Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Best Online Educational Games for Kids

The internet has become a very valuable tool for the classroom to help children learn in a fun and interactive way. However, the internet can also be a very distracting tool and even a dangerous tool for kids to use on their own. Parents and teachers alike worry about letting children use the internet for learning purposes because of the potential safety issues and exposure to things that children should not be exposed too.

Parents and teachers both can feel good about letting children use the internet from if they can find some appropriate content for them to start with. There are many educational websites created for kids that can allow kids to find a fun and engaging way to learn, and also reassure parents and teachers that the kids are safe. Online games have been a proven method to help keep kids interested and focused on any subject. Here are some of the best online educational games for kids.

Mission U.S.
Mission U.S. is a game that will test a child’s knowledge of U.S. history while taking him or her through a fun adventure. This is a great way to make history fun and interesting for kids and to give them the closest thing to a first-hand experience of all of the important events that shaped the U.S. they know today.

Shutterball Memory
Kids, parents and teachers will all be involved with this game that can test even the sharpest memory for hours. Shutterball Memory is a classic memory game that kids of all ages can enjoy. This game can be used as a great brain break from class or home studying to keep kids’ minds working. Memory games have been proven to boost grades, and they are great for keeping the mind sharp at any age.

Art Games
Art Games is a fun interactive website that kids can navigate through easily. It is a great way for kids to expand their creativity without making a mess with glue and paint. Kids can save and send their masterpieces and show off their creative abilities. Also, because the game covers the entire website, parents and teachers can feel less anxious knowing that the children do not have far to wander.

Free Rice
Free Rice is a unique game that allows kids to do more than just play. This is an educational multiple choice game that allows kids to donate rice to third world countries every time they answer the questions correctly. This is a game that kids, parents and teachers can all feel good about playing.

NASA Kids’ Club
Sponsored by NASA, this game is sure to excite and awe even the most adventurous children. NASA Club is a game that allows kids to explore space and the wonder of the world around them right from their own living room. The site has also been partnering with other gaming sites to keep kids excited and engaged in the educational aspects of the games.


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