Saturday, September 06, 2014

School Has Started And We Are Fine

The first day of school leaves me with so many emotions. I love being around my kids. I truly do and sending them to school is not something I look forward to.

Ever since Handsome was born I wanted to homeschool. The thought of sending my kids to the "wolves" and all the bureaucratic BS that goes with a public school or even a private school doesn't sit well with me.

When we have children we build a life around them, introduce them to things we like, agree on and enjoy, then they get into a school system you are turning them over to whomever they come in contact with during the day. They good and the bad! Sometimes the bad far outweighs the good.

Since my life isn't conducive to this happening, I got myself a job in the school. I want to be as close as possible while still making a paycheck. A small one but a paycheck.

I got into the elementary school and now that they are both in the middle school; so am I and if I can follow them to high school I will.

Walking into to school with my kids on the first day meant a lot to me. I know a lot of parents are nervous leaving them at the door but thankfully I get to walk in and sit with them until it is time to go to class.

As they start 4th and 5th grade I am excited about their future this year and what they will learn, how they will grow and who they will become but I am still sad that their younger years are behind them.

Handsome had a fantastic first day especially after saying that he was going to have the worst year ever. He saw me at lunch, only 3 hours after starting and told me that it was going to be the best year. He loves his teacher, the classroom and is so excited.

Goddess looked shell shocked but so did most 4th graders walking into the middle school for the first time look. Wide eye'd blank stare but at lunch I heard from a co-worker that she has a lot of friends and was talking a mile a minute.

Praying for this school year to be AMAZING!

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  1. I hope they have a great year!
    I love Goddess' bag--I tried to talk my daughter into that one but she said no :(
    Our middle school years are 6th through 8th here so we've still got a few more years to go before the big change! Can't say I look forward to it....


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