Friday, September 26, 2014

It's A Beautiful Day

The mind is a funny thing. I will always find the beauty in life. Broken hurt, feeling sick, disappointed, angry, frustrated or whatever, I can always see something positive! It is a gift! I'm sure that doesn't come easy to everyone but if you choose to only see the negative you will only see it, if you open your eyes and allow yourself to see the positive it is there. It may be as a simple as an unexpected phone call or a hug from a friend, it can even be a great cup of coffee, or the sunlight on your face. It is different things for different people and no one can tell you what is the thing that is positive to you. That is for you only you to know, feel and accept! So accept what is, appreciate what's there, acknowledge the past, and allow yourself to be the beautiful person you are. The person God created and wants you to be.

Beauty is all around you!


  1. And there are angels in the sky!!! Have a happy weekend, dear Maria.

  2. Beautiful wispy clouds over these delightful rural scenes.


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