Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Haunted House 2 Was Exactly What I Needed After A Long Stressful Day!


The 411:

The humor is crass, inappropriate, racist, and sexual but if you are looking for a movie that makes you laugh, smile, and say to yourself "oh no they didn't!" then this is for you.

Come on people it's a Wayans brother at his best so expect some laughs but even more the second time because they are so detailed with their humor you miss some things the first time around.

 In the sequel, we start out with Malcolm and his possessed girlfriend in a taxi. There is a crash and we fast forward to Malcolm living with his new girlfriend and her two kids in a dream home. Once again he has to deal with supernatural phenomenon of the worst kind including his girlfriend's son's punk, invisible friend and possessed daughter. 

What I find the most entertaining is how Marlon will go anywhere for a laugh, I mean anywhere. Watching Marlon have sex with a strange, evil doll was funny because of how shocking it was.  This is NOT a film for any under 18 years of age so don't even think it is just crude humor. Malcolm HAS SEX every which way including and limited to squirting and salad tossing (look it up I am not about to explain it).

Some movies make us think, some make us feel, this movie made me gasp. The jokes are colorful, don't bother watching if you are easily offended by sexual or racist humor but if you are into that kind of thing get ready to be entertained.

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