Monday, September 29, 2014

Duck Sitting Is An Interesting Job!

My kids and I take all kinds of odd job over the past few years. Usually it is pet sitting (we have watched birds, hamsters, and dogs) or even yard sitting where we water plants. This time we are watering a yard and plants along with taking care of a Koi pond and geese and find it very interesting.

Beside the fact that the gardens are beautiful; come on look at that Tea House there are the fish and the geese which are so cool.

The kids love looking at the koi while I tend to the geese cage.

And while snapping away, I spottted this lovely door which I hadn't even noticed the past five visits because I am so focused on all the tasks (more on that later).


  1. Hi Maria,

    What a magnificent garden! I wonder if the strings across the pond prevent the fish from becoming dinner. That blue door jumps out doesn't it? Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    I'm looking forward to reading your comment on my blue shopping post. Please come back.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

    1. I know! Right! The rope was not there before the owners went away, it was probably to keep my kids away from the pond. I love that blue doors!

  2. Beautiful! Was something getting to the koi? I noticed the strings over the pond. We have a Koi pond too.

  3. Great post! I love the Blue door.

  4. Cool photos. And, a cool job you and the kids have.

  5. Beautiful and wonderful garden! Beautiful photos!

  6. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Love the garden.

  7. What a beautiful place--I bet it will be beautiful when the leaves start changing colors, too.

  8. Wow, i love that work. If someone will give me a job like that i will take a leave first from my regular job and take that one, it is very interesting and i will have lots of photos too! When i read your title i smiled and thought that is so funny, so i will share it in my FB site. Who thought of "duck sitting", fish sitting and maybe "hoya sitting", haha. Thanks for visiting my post.


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