Monday, September 01, 2014

Breakfast By The Roadside

Summer vacation is drawing to a close.Spending all day with my kids is difficult at time but something I wouldn't change for anything.

Growing up, both my parents worked and I spent the days taking care of my kids and getting the house ready for when mommy and daddy came home. I didn't see my parents all day. It made for an interesting Summer. I took care of my younger sisters while both parents worked. Breakfast and lunch was prepared by me and my parents took care of dinner. Eating is a family event and you would think my kids would love me cooking of them. Hell, I've been cooking since I was 8 years old but they love going out even if that only means a slice of pizza.

We did a lot of pizza this year and we ate out at least once a week and sometimes that was a simple hot dog or fries or even once we went to Red Lobster but money being the way it is usually I sit and watch them eat just happy to be able to be with them.

Summer vacations will probably be ending sooner rather than later but I am grateful to have had the past 11 years with my kids to enjoy summer and making sure they had no schedule to keep. The rest of the year is all scheduled so taking the time to do sometimes nothing was great.

Breakfast before heading to the park was awesome. Bagel and coffee and eventually friends stopped by to hang with us also as they passed by noticed us and stopped to chat. This is probably the best part about living in a small town. You never know who your breakfast guests will be.

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