Thursday, September 12, 2013

Football Season Has Started And Sports Illustrated Kids Has The Perfect Board Book For Young Readers

Football Colors

Fans with face paint, a grassy green field, the home jerseys of your favorite team—colors fill every football game, and every page of this football-themed color concept book. With awesome photos and simple text, Football Colors is sure to be a fan favorite.
Ages 1-3
Reading Level 1-2

The 411 by 8 Year Old Goddess: 
(Typed by mom, dictated by Goddess

My mother and I usually spend time together during football season. My father and brother love football but mom and I would rather do other things and reading is something Mommy always wants to do. Me not so much but we do take books with us when we are out because sometimes we stop at a park and read.  I hope we go on more walks this football time.

Mommy asked me to read this last night for my reading log. I have to read every night. I didn't want to read it. I though it would be hard because it was football and something I don't know about. It wasn't. 

I think kids will like this, especially boys because it is about football. Has nice, colorful pictures and uses different lettering to make it more fun. Like it is about colors so the color word is really large and there is a sentence or two about the word and how you will see it in football. Like, GREEN and then they talk about the field the players play on.

The 411 by Maria

I think the reason Goddess didn't want to read it at first was because she thought it was a boy book. If I were a little girl and saw the cover of a football player and someone told me I had to read it, I would think it would be boring so I get it.

The reason I think kids will like this book is because of the pictures. It is a great board book for your kids to learn colors.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary book for my honest opinion.

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  1. Sounds like Goddess is really getting the hang of reading with all these books reviews she helping you with. Good for her!


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