Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Booster Seat That Fits In Your Bag!

Last week was Child Passenger Safety Week and what better way to get into the spirit than to talk about why my daughter is still in a booster seat!

Goddess is a tiny girl and I am driving a tiny car. She is only 40 pounds and under 4 feet tall so I have been keeping her in a  Booster seat much to her dismay because while she is embarrassed and wants to be like her brother, he is much, much bigger. She keeps asking if she can be without a booster when she is his age and I tell her that it has nothing to do with age. I think parents take their kids out of the booster seats way too quickly. Yes, it is easier to manage switching cars, you have more room without them BUT...none of that matters to me if the child is not safe. It is all about safety for me when my kids are in the car. 

We recently found out about BubbleBum Inflatable Car BoosterSeat which was created with safety top of mind! Sounds like a seat for Goddess but I needed to know if it worked and meet all of the US safety standards before mentioning to my friends.

BubbleBum DOES meet all U.S. safety standards and has positioning clips to safely ensure the car seat belt is placed below the abdomen and soft tissue, addressing one of the most common injuries that children face. This past weekend my PBA Department held a car seat safety checkpoint at our ambulance corp and they were all quite impressed with the seat and the ease. Great alternative for the kids who are older but still need additional safety measures besides the seat belt.  It is lightweight and extremely portable, BubbleBum will make sure your most important passenger is safe in all cars.

All you do is untwist the cap and blow air into it. Turn the cap to lock the air and go.


It is small
Completely portable (remove the air, fold into carry bag and go.
Light weight, I could fold this and put it in my pocketbook
Easy to use and lock into place with car seat belts
Reasonably priced


I always get a mouth full of regurgitated air. Wish there was a way to push pump it up. What the heck am I doing wrong? 

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We truly love this and it is perfect for my Goddess who was starting to get embarrassed when her friends asked, "you are still in a car seat?"

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary Bubble Bum for our honest opinion. No compensation was received.


  1. Wow how handy! I really would have liked to of had these back when my boys were little. Maybe I can use them in the future for any grandchildren I may have then.

  2. I think its a cool product that is small and convenient.

  3. I have two toddler granddaughters and this would come in handy. I love that it's portable too :)


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