Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Kids Themed Bedrooms That You and Your Kids Will Love

When it comes to decorating kids bedrooms you have to get it right, or else they won’t go to bed on time, they won’t settle, and you won’t get the much-deserved rest you need.  Goddess has yet to sleep a full night in her bed at the age of 8. Hopefully by the time we planned to redo her room to her liking (2 years from now) we will be able to come up with a theme that we both love. There are so many options; you could choose a specific color theme, or if you want to make your child’s bedroom truly spectacular, you could choose a fantastic theme that will put your child on cloud nine!

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted that racing car bed, or you wanted that jungle themed room with a swing rope to get you from one side to the other… We all like to reminisce and think back to our childhood days… Now is the time to revert back to your child-like state, giving you the chance to connect with your kids on another level. Want some ideas? Here are our top kids themed bedroom ideas:

Remember in 1993 when that most awesome movie came out? You know which one I mean… Jurassic Park. It was this film that gave young adventurers what they needed to strive for more, to get out in the garden and start digging up all those bits of stone and old pot, and if you were lucky, you might strike gold and find a fossil!

This themed room should be filled with greenery. Paint the walls or add some plants, get some dinosaurs on the walls, and even find 3D effect features that will make the room look outstanding. You could even make the bed in to a jungle den, use netting to keep out the prehistoric flying mosquitoes and don’t forget to fill the room with survival equipment, from binoculars and nighttime goggles.

Stick to green and brown, then the rest of the room should be filled with toys galore! Oh and by the way… I shouldn’t have to remind you that Jurassic park 3D is about to hit cinemas shortly, as is Jurassic Park 4! Oh yes. So get yourself out there and bag yourself a dino-room!

Since we could see up in to the night sky and see the stars, we have forever wondered what is out there. The first report of aliens dates back to 214 BC, “…navium speciem de caelo adfulsisse…” which translates as: “…phantom ships had been seen gleaming in the sky…” It is since this time that we have created numerous stories, and even studied space - so much so that we now know more about space than our oceans.

Feed that childhood dream of traveling to space by creating a space ship bed, so that your child can rocket up to dreamland at night. Have planets hanging from the ceiling. Make sure you fill the room with toys and futuristic gadgets. You need to be able to see the stars up close, and there will need to be a telecommunications device (walkie talkie) available in order to contact your fellow crew members, should there be some kind of alien encounter that requires further exploration.

Everything in this themed room must be modern, futuristic and streamlined, click here to find the best sliding door wardrobes. This room should be dark blue, with the ceiling littered with stars to look up to. Now lets get ready for take off…

Under the sea
Think Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, or even The Little Mermaid. Similar to that of the space theme, but rather than looking for aliens… there be giant octopus and sharks lurking.

Become a true sailor and adventurer with a nautical bed sheets, and don’t forget your rubber ring, just in case you fall in.  You will also need an anchor so that your ship doesn’t float away whilst you dive deep into the ocean to explore.

Were you a princess locked in a tower as a child? A Sleeping Beauty awaiting the day your prince would come and sweep you off of your feet? Reenact your childhood dreams and play princesses with your daughter by creating the perfect fairytale bedroom.

From beautifully tall Princess and the Pea bunk beds, to pumpkin carriages and castles that stand tall… let you fairytale fantasy go wild.

Some of these ideas may be more about living out your childhood dreams, but your children will be thankful too. Remember fashions come around time and time again. The more you can get your kids involved in creating their perfectly themed bedroom, the more they will respect it… Hopefully anyway.

Draw out your ideas before you start painting and buying props, or else you will let you imagination run away with you, and you will end up spending more than was intended. Have a plan and action it!


  1. My six year old son would love the dinosaur room. They both look super cool!

  2. My granddaughter would absolutely love the Fairytale room and I think she would also like the 'Under the Sea' themed room as well. Wish I had a themed bedroom when I was younger :)

  3. ohmygosh so cool! We have an event called parade of homes that sometimes has fancy rooms decorated like this. Super neat.

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