Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Confession Directed by Michael Landon Jr. - A REVIEW


The 411 by Maria:

My first reaction was; Michael Landon's son directed? I want to see it. I was a huge fan of Michael Landon and figured Little House on The Prairie is a show I grew up loving, let's see what Pa's boy has learned!

The Confession has nothing to do with the 1800s as the Laura Ingalls Wilder series but it has as much heart as any Little House on The Prairie show that I grew up crying over.

Socialite Laura, is dying. She has a progressive form of cancer. On her quest to get her life in order she had set out to find a daughter she gave up to be raised by an Amish family in Lancaster. Now hearing that her cancer has progressed she is preparing for the end.  Katie hears her birth mother was looking for her and heads to NY to find her only to be informed that Laura has already passed, thanks to Laura's selfish husband who has a plan of his own. His problems have gotten him in some hot water and he needs all of Laura's money.  Thanks to a well meaning NY friend with a terrible fake accent (there were many poorly acted fake accents), Katie is reassured that if a socialite had passed it would be all over the news and someone is lying. Sooo...Katie sets out to meet her momma.

Things take an interesting turn when Katie arrives and finds out that Laura's daughter has already arrived.

Back in Lancaster, Katie's family is dealing with the return of an old friend while the modern world tries to infiltrate their very beliefs as and Amish family.

The movie moves quickly and while there are a few plot oddities that are unexplainable but would give the whole movie away if I were to list them. I didn't hate it.

The things that may turn viewers off:
  • Katie leaves her Amish family for the lavish life style seemingly quick.
  • Laura figures the deceit going on under her roof and explains it away with a letter Katie sent out to her Amish family. You really need to piece it together and remember what Katie had written to her parents.
  • The ending was God awful. As of now there is no green light for a sequel and the ending demands one.


  1. Although the plot sounds really interesting I hate bad endings that leave the audience hanging, waiting for more, or just feeling sad or incomplete. I'm not sure if I will be seeing this film.

  2. Now, this sounds like a movie I could watch. There are some really strange movies out there or have so much violence I spend half of the movie with my eyes shut. Waste of time.


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