Monday, July 22, 2013

Dessert Designer Creations You Can Make AND EAT! by Diana Meachen Rau

Dessert Designer: Creations You Can Make and Eat!

Design and decorate like a pro with no baking skills required! Using premade cupcakes, cookies, and cake, kids of all ages will learn tips and tricks for creating whimsical, inspiring, and utterly gorgeous desserts. It’s deliciously fun!

The 411 by Maria:

WE are in love with this book. When I say WE I mean, Goddess, me, and one of my guinea pig play dates. 

Goddess and I took our time going through the book trying to decide on our favorite recipe idea for her much anticipated play date. 

She choose the Sugar Burgers which are adorable.

Here are our attempts at making them. So sorry that I never got a chance to use the camera on them. These were taken with my cell phone. HUGE DIFFERENCE but you get the idea.

It is basically cupcakes, frosting, fruit roll up, icing and gum drops although we didn't have those so we improvised with more fruit roll up.  They are so cute!

Even Goddess who has never eaten a burger in her 8 years because she refuses meat, ate three of these and our play date asked to take 2 home with her.

The book has 51 creations that are easy enough for even kids! The hardest part of the 51 yummy creations if figuring which one to try first.

Each creation is edible, adorable, easy, fun, creative, and includes an ingredient list, page size color photograph, and directions.
What do you think? 

To order this book and find out more information visit Capstone Young Readers and look up Dessert Designer

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. Those would be a big hit at a backyard birthday party--or as an April Fool's Day treat!

  2. Those are absolutely adorable! I wish I had known about that book when my son was a little younger ~ he would have loved it! I think it would be a unique addition to any party.


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