Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Future Lyricist & I Think Hugh Grant Is Sexy

Last night I watched Music and Lyrics which actually wasn’t too bad if you could get past Drew’s spastic mouth movements and Hugh’s dancing (which while searching I am finding out he has done before in his movies).  I am still singing some of the songs (here’s one) and I fell in love with Hugh Grant )who was extremely likable in this movie). I think it was the tight pants, suede coat and the fact that he mildly reminded me of the other Hugh from House who I find weirdly sexy.

So back to the reason I wrote this post…

I think I have a future lyricist on my hands. She is a natural.  This morning while cleaning out kitchen cabinets (nesting? bored? who knows), she was pushing her dolls in her new pram carriage. While pushing she started singing to the tune of “I’m pushing my carriage, I’m pushing my carriage, I’m pushing my baby carriage, Oh what fun it is to push my little baby carriage!” Ok, I know…it’s not no Strawberry Fields or Born to Run but hey she’s 2.5 years old. One of her other talents in singing is knowing the words for more than 25 songs and changing up the tempo for the big finale’. This kid’s got some future if she can sing.  We have always hoped that she would use her voice for good, she didn’t get the name Banshee girl for nothing.

Originally written December 30, 2007 for In The Blink Of An Eye

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  1. I haven't even heard of Music and Lyrics, but sounds like one I would like. I love to hear kids sing and watch them dance. They have no inhibitions and just "let loose"! Better keep the video camera ready!


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