Friday, July 12, 2013

The Yard Sale Aftermath

Goddess and I sat, and I do mean sat, at our first yard sale. It wasn't at our home and featured 12 others at a local church which means we had to bring bins and bins of things and set it all up in 15 minutes before the people started coming. Teach and handsome dropped us off and left. Goddess was so helpful, and good from 9-5 (a really long day for a little girl to sit in the heat with mom. We made about $130.00 and paid $25.00 for the spot. Not bad for a slow day considering there was a street fair going on up the road which meant not a lot of folks venturing over.

Here is Goddess showing off our wares before the start of the day. She was a big help and I loved having my little partner in crime with me.

We had about a half hour between the clean up time and the end of the street fair so I took Goddess and we headed over. She had cotton candy, and ice pop, played a game, won a prize and got her face painted and I didn't have to say no to her for anything. This was the best part of the day! As a "Broke" mom, I always have to say no to my kids. She got whatever she wanted because I had the cash and because she really helped me out. Here is Miss Goddess and her prize.

Needless to say, it was a looooong day. Had to wake her so I could give her a shower.


  1. Lovely photos! Love the one of her sleeping.

    1. Thanks Freda. She was loving herself.


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