Wednesday, July 17, 2013

True Blood Is My Obsession

If you are my friend on You Tube, you know I am completely obsessed with True Blood; so much so that I have re-watched Seasons with friends who never watched before starting at episode 1.

The super LOOONG hiatus is really hard for me and I often watch my favorite episodes or grab a box set and re-watch a season.  It is truly one of the best shows on TV.

If you are not watching, you are crazy. Call me and I will bring my sets over, we can watch, chat, obsess and get you up to speed.

True Blood Season 5 wasn't the best season but I LOVED EVERY MOMENT.

This Season starts with the intense ending from last season...To recap, the ending of all endings; Sookie's best friend was bitten and she blew away the vamp who bite her.

Some of my favorite things about Season 5:
  •  Pam become a "mom" so to speak.
  • We meet Eric's "sister" Nora who knocks boots with Eric like nobody's business. Interesting relationship.
  • New characters are introduced in the form of the Authority where Eric, Bill, and Nora spend most of the whole season.
  • We learn about the Vamp "Goddess" Lilith whose blood is mighty powerful.
  • Eric and Pam's beginnings are finally revealed in flashbacks. Eric's painful release of Pam, oh my poor Pam. I do love her.
  • Alcide kisses Sookie. FINALLY and she chucks all over his shoes. Moment RUINED UGH
  • We learn a bit more about Terry when his military friend Patrick shows up, he isn't around long.
  • Vampire Russell, has been recovering in a hospital and wants Sooks blood. Come one, is there a guy on this show who doesn't want Sookie's hemoglobin. Yee God! 
  • Poor Lafayette can't catch a freaking break and is seeing brujo faces. Poor guy has no one left.
  • Alcide becomes pack leader and we meet a bunch of new slutty pack girls.
  • Sookie and Jason learn from the Faeries that if she isn't careful with her power, it could run out and spend a LOT of time in the Faerie room
  • Jason and Jessica have a moment!
  • Bill spends a lot of time worshiping the bottle of Lilith
  • Russell and Steve Newlin? Umm...interesting pairing and ending....
  • There is a lot of wolf pack orgyness
  • Hoyt and Jessica makes me cry...
  • Fangtasia has a new sheriff and he isn't "the tall one" ahhhh I miss Eric at Fangtasia.
  • Andy gets interesting but predicable news from Maurell. 
  • Jason is now seeing "dead people" in the form of his parents.
  • Sam, Luna and Emma are sweet together even with bars between them and Sam's fly eyes!!! Love it.
  • Holly (Andy's girl) is now a midwife to his fairie baby mommy who settles him with a litter of babes.
  • Eric, Nora,Tara, Jason, Sookie and Jessica are on a  mission and head to the Authority. 
  • Bill drinks and get's all bloody...
I LOVE my True Blood and am completely Alcide obsessed. My 580+ personal friends on Facebook will attest to this because they must look at all my Alcide (Joe Manganiello) photo uploads. LOVE him. Oh and Eric...and Jason...this show has some great guy characters. Sexy and funny.

One of my favorite Joe Manganiello photos

Oh and this one...

If you don't watch True Blood, now is the time and I am sooooo jealous. You get to watch Season after Season to catch up. You won't be disappointed. There is so much to love.

My cable company and I are in talks so I can continue watching True Blood, I would be VERY upset without my guilty pleasure. So while I talk to them, I am checking out Connect Your Home to see if they can help me continue my favorite show and be able to afford all the packages I have grown use to having. My family loves our TV and need to make sure we can continue many of the programs we LOVE.

Let me know if you are watching this Season, I would love to know what you think.


  1. I swear I have not been living under a rock, but I have not seen this series at all! What in the world have I been missing? It looks like everything that I love! I will most def catch the show this season!

  2. Girrrrrrrrrrlllllll! What the hey hey?! You seriously need to be watching. So worth it.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOBE True Blood and cannot wait to watch Season 6....

  4. I don't think we get this show--I've never seen it but from those pictures I can tell WHY you watch!!!

  5. I love True Blood also and have been watching for years! My husband doesn't care much for the show but I can't get enough of it. I also really enjoy Game of Thrones on HBO. Another one of my addictions :)

  6. its my obsession too! LOVE it!

  7. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Eric is deffo my fave but I do love true blood sooo much seen all of the seasons now can't believe they finnished at season 7 :(


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