Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trick or Treat {SparX Candy Giveaway}

Did you know there are millions of children suffering in such pain that they cannot eat, sleep and learn?
This Halloween, you can help rescue these children from the preventable pain associated with pediatric dental disease. Join us and Trick or Treat for America’s ToothFairy!  

Set up a fundraising page for yourself or a team and help change children’s lives!
Each donation counts!  Every $120 raised can protect a child’s smile for a whole year!  Donations go directly to help children in need. America’s ToothFairy, also known as National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, is dedicated to providing oral health educational, preventive and treatment services for children of our most vulnerable populations.  For more information about America’s ToothFairy, visit

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays mostly because my family gets such a kick out of dressing up and decorating the house but also because I love digging into the kids candy. As much as I love it and know the kids will eat more candy in the course of a week than they should for the year, caring about their teeth isn't lost on me. 

I don't allow them to eat everything. They are not allowed to eat big, jawbreaker type things that they can choke on. They also are not allowed to eat anything that is like a hard taffy because I think it is harder to get off their teeth.  I would prefer them to eat chocolate which I know will wash off easier but I know they like the variety of things and want to try things they normally would be allowed to. 

I love that America's ToothFairy is standing behind a candy because, well, kids (heck adults and kids) are going to eat it, why not recommend something that is actually good for your teeth. How is SparX good for your teeth you ask? Well, the only sweetner in the candy is xylitol and it is actually good for your teeth. Wait, huh? Yup, you heard me right. Good for your teeth.

America' Toothfairy wants you to check it out for yourself so enter below and enjoy this Halloween season knowing you are doing something good for your kids teeth.


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