Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Handsome's 9th Birthday Party

Oh well, what I can say, better late than never. This party happened in May and since I use this blog as a journal and print out the pages for the kids, it is important that I get this post up so here I go. We had Handsome's birthday at the Castle Fun Center and it was a blast! He invited all the boys from his Cub Scoot Troop and I invited three girls who I knew would be OK hanging with a bunch of boys because Goddess was going to be there and because I like their moms. Handsome was very excited that all these boys came to his party and I love seeing all these kids together. Some of them I know since they were a year old, younger or in mom's belly. The Castle Fun Center is a little expensive for our budget but we know that eventually the parties will be smaller. We worked out a payment plan and my sister in law helped with the rest. You are escorted to a huge party room where they can have over 15 parties going at once. After that you can create a party based on the child. We choose to do Laser Tag and a Laser Maze.

You gather in the party room and the kids get drinks, pizza and cake. 
Can you see how happy he is?
After they sing happy birthday, we gather our stuff and move onto the next part of the party.
The laser tag was AWESOME! The kids get vests and laser guns, they basically walk up to each other, point the laser and shoot each other. There was a lot of hiding and shouting, oh and that super noisy, siren that rings whenever someone shoots someone.

As the kids run around the parents find little places up above where we can watch the action. That is my girlfriend Clary up there smiling. It was so much fun although really hard to get photos in there.

My favorite part was watching the kids do the laser maze. They each get a chance to go in and they have to hit a button on the other side of the lasers by stepping over, crawling under or whatever they have to do to make it to the other side. The button makes the lasers disappear so they can get out. We could see from a window and a monitor above the entrance what they were doing. Handsome made great time! He was smart about it too. They wanted him to go first since it was his party but he insisted that two or three others go. This is a kid who has a dire need to be FIRST at everything so I knew what he was thinking. He was thinking, let someone else go first so I can watch their mistakes and do it better. His time was incredible and if there was a prize he would have won. It was wonderful to hear them all cheering each other on and directing them to the button. Poor Goddess cried during her time because Handsome felt it was necessary to yell at her. She was doing great until she didn't hit the button and he screamed for her to hit the button. He is very impatient. She cried and I had to pick her up so she could bury her embarrassed face. Poor thing. After that the Castle takes the kids aside, gives them cards to use in their game machines and sets us off while they go host another party. This was my least favorite part because you never get to see your guests. Some of them come over to say bye but you have all your stuff with you so it is rushed as you hand them a goody bag. Others can't find you so they leave without a goody bag but all in all it was a great time!

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